Spencer Place

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Coordinates: 53°48′50″N 1°31′30″W / 53.814°N 1.525°W / 53.814; -1.525

Spencer Place is a road that runs approximately North-South between Harehills and Chapeltown in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. At the north end it intersects with Harehills Lane, at the corner of Potternewton Park. At the south end it forms a junction with Roundhay Road. It is home to the Leeds Jamia Mosque and Chapeltown Health Centre. It was the heart of one of Leeds' main red light districts and was associated with prostitution, gun crime and drug crime.[1][2][3] Spencer Place is used as part of the Chapeltown Carnival.

Newton House: one of a few grand houses still present, built about 1820