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Spencer Reiss at Monaco Media Forum 2008

Spencer Reiss (born 1952 in New York) is a former Newsweek foreign correspondent in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, now a contributing editor at Wired magazine.[1][2][3][4]He began working for Wired as a senior editor in San Francisco in 1996.[1] He is responsible for covering energy issues, new media, commercial space travel, and the impact technology is having on humans. He is also a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and MIT Technology Review.[2] Reiss also directed the program for the annual Monaco Media Forum held in Monte Carlo.[5]

In 1995, as managing editor of the pioneering Internet project "24 Hours in Cyberspace," Reiss commissioned John Perry Barlow to write the celebrated Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. [6] More recently he directs the program for Business Insider's annual IGNITION conference in New York City.[7] He is also master of ceremonies at Viva Technology, a global startup & innovation conference held annually in June in Paris. [8]


Reiss obtained degrees from Dartmouth College (A.B., History) and Columbia University (M.S., Journalism).[9] He now lives in Salisbury, Connecticut United States.[10]