Spera, Khost Province

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Spera is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 33°12′8″N 69°30′58″E / 33.20222°N 69.51611°E / 33.20222; 69.51611Coordinates: 33°12′8″N 69°30′58″E / 33.20222°N 69.51611°E / 33.20222; 69.51611
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceKhost Province
DistrictSpera District
5,870 ft (1,790 m)
Time zoneUTC+4:30

Spera (also spelt Sperah and Speyrah) is a village and the district center of Spera District, Khost Province, Afghanistan. It is located on 33°12′08″N 69°30′58″E / 33.2022°N 69.5161°E / 33.2022; 69.5161 at 1,790 m altitude.

During the US occupation of Afghanistan, Sperah sat along a highly used smuggling route from Pakistan into Afghanistan. The area was known to harbor many ex-Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Sperah is the location where United States Army Ranger Pat Tillman was fatally shot and killed by friendly fire.[1]

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