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In Greek mythology, Spercheus /ˌspɜrˈkəs/ (Greek: Σπερχειός, Sperkheiós) was the name of a river in Thessaly (present Spercheios River) and of the god of that river. According to Antoninus Liberalis,[1] Cerambus was punished for claiming that the nymphs of Mount Othrys were daughters of Spercheus by Deino. (Whether this was the same Deino elsewhere named as one of the Graeae, or another, is not said.) Liberalis also says that King Dryops of Oeta was son of Spercheus by Polydora, daughter of Danaus; this Dryops was also father of Dryope.

In Homer's Iliad, Spercheus was the father, by Achilles' half-sister Polydora, of Menesthius, one of Achilles's commanders.


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