Sperillen Line

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Sperillen Line
Native name Sperillbanen
Type Railway
System Norwegian railways
Status Abandoned
Termini Hen Station
Stations 5
Closed 1932
Owner Norwegian State Railways
Operator(s) Norwegian State Railways
Character Passenger and freight
Line length 23.91 kilometres (15 mi)
Number of tracks Single
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification No
Highest elevation 191.0 m asl
Sperillen Line
23.91 km Sperillen (Finsand)(1926) 155.6 m asl
19.47 km Ringmoen(1926) 163.6 m asl
Bergsund(598 m)
Bergsund Tunnel(1926)
Stueberget(43 m)
13.60 km Somma(1926) 191.0 m asl
7.52 km Hallingby(1926) 158.6 moh
Nordre Hen(1926)
Væla(14 m)
Randsfjord Line from Randsfjord
0,00 km Hen Station(1868) 156.7 m asl
Randsfjord Line to Hønefoss

The Sperillen Line (Norwegian: Sperillbanen) is an abandoned railway which ran through Ringerike in Buskerud, Norway. [1]

The 24 kilometers (15 mi) long line had five stations, starting at Hen Station on the Randsfjord Line and continuing to Lake Sperillen where it connected with a ferry at the port of Finstad. The rail line had additional stations and stops at Hallingby, Somma, and Ringmoen at the south end of Lake Sperillen. [2]

The steam ship DS Bægna had provided ferry and freight transport service from the southern end of Lake Sperillen to Sørum at Sør-Aurdal in Oppland at the northern end. Bægna went in service from her maiden voyage on 13th October 1868 and continued in traffic until 1929, when it was replaced with a motor ship, DS Spirillen. In 1921, Parliament voted to build a railway between the Randsfjord Line and a new port at Finsand on Lake Sperillen to connected for the ferry service. In 1933, passenger service on the rail line was terminated, as was the ferry traffic on Lake Spirillen. Freight trains on the rail line were terminated in 1957. [3]


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