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Spermula 1976 poster.jpg
Directed by Charles Matton
Produced by Bernard Lenteric
Written by Charles Matton
Starring Dayle Haddon
Udo Kier
François Dunoyer
Benny Luke
Music by José Bartel
Cinematography Jean-Jacques Flori
Edited by Isabelle Rathery
Sarah Taouss-Matton
Distributed by Film & Company
Release date
7 July 1976 (France)
Running time
103 min (original)/ 88 min (re-edited)
Language  France

Spermula is a French softcore fantasy film from 1976 made by painter and film director Charles Matton. The film was later re-edited and dubbed in English as a science-fiction comedy.


In the original "adult" film, the plot indicates that during the 1930s, in America, there was a sect composed of rich and eccentric libertines. They rejected any idea of love, considered artistic creation as a form of evil and tried to find in total sexual freedom the ecstasy of pure being. Following a conference that they called in New York in 1937, all members of the sect disappeared. Years later a journalist tracked them down to a secret location in the forests of South America. He too was never heard of again.

"This film is the story of some of their daughters"

From out of a mist a huge flying boat wings its way through the nighttime sky. Inside, resplendent in art deco gowns and perfect make-up, Spermula and her cohorts are on their way back to 'civilization'. Their mission...? To bring their message of peace and freedom to a world gone mad. Their method...? To 'spermulise' men. That is, to draw off the sexual essence that causes aggression, acquisitiveness and jealousy.

They take up residence in a huge mansion, whose neighbors include the town's mayor, his unhappy and abused wife, his venal, social climbing assistant and a fat and frustrated widow who has incestuous designs on her lazy son.

Gradually Spermula and co. draw together the strands of the plot that finally ends in a huge orgy in which everyone gets what they want - or at least what they deserve. Unfortunately, the women become corrupted by this contact with the outside world and their beautiful leader, Spermula, falls in love with a young artist and sacrifices her immortality for a night of passion with him.

In the later re-edited version, the story is that there is a planet, called Spermula, that is facing destruction and the Spermulites plan to relocate to Earth. To do this, their leader Big Mother has come up with a plan: she transforms Spermulites into women and demands they suck out men's semen, thus making men tired and lazy from sexual exhaustion and unable to procreate.

One of the Spermulites is transformed into a man, Werner (Udo Kier), instead of a woman, and introduces the Spermulites to sexual intercourse.

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