Spetses Museum

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Spetses Museum
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LocationGreece Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates37°15′52″N 23°09′21″E / 37.26433°N 23.15597°E / 37.26433; 23.15597Coordinates: 37°15′52″N 23°09′21″E / 37.26433°N 23.15597°E / 37.26433; 23.15597
Spetses Museum is located in Greece
Spetses Museum
Location of Spetses Museum

The Spetses Museum is a diachronic museum in Spetses, Greece. Its exhibits cover 4000 years of the island's cultural history. It is housed in the mansion of Chatzigiannis-Mexis, which was built in 1798. The first floor is open to the public.

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