Sphagnum magellanicum

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Sphagnum magellanicum
Sphagnum magellanicum.jpeg
Scientific classification
S. magellanicum
Binomial name
Sphagnum magellanicum
  • Sphagnum amoenum Warnst.
  • Sphagnum andinum Hampe
  • Sphagnum aureum C.B. McQueen
  • Sphagnum cymbifolium var. magellanicum (Brid.) P. Beauv.
  • Sphagnum grandirete Warnst.
  • Sphagnum loricatum Müll. Hal.
  • Sphagnum medium Limpr
  • Sphagnum monzonense Warnst.
  • Sphagnum palustre subsp. magellanicum (Brid.) Bott.
  • Sphagnum palustre var. medium Sendtn.
  • Sphagnum rigescens Warnst.
  • Sphagnum stewartii Warnst.
  • Sphagnum tursum Müll. Hal.
  • Sphagnum vesiculare Müll. Hal. & Warnst.
  • Sphagnum wallisii Müll. Hal.

Sphagnum magellanicum, commonly called Magellanic bogmoss,[2] Magellan's sphagnum,[3] Magellan's peatmoss or midway peat moss, is a widespread species of moss found in wet places throughout boreal forests of North America, South America and Eurasia. It has a distinctive reddish-purple color which usually makes it easy to recognize.[4][5][6]


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