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Temporal range: Devonian–Triassic
A piece of rock showing imprints of about four slender vine-like stems with small wedged-shaped leaves arranged around regularly spaced nodes.
Fossil leaves and branches of the species Sphenophyllum miravallis, Upper Carboniferous. Collection of the Universiteit Utrecht.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Equisetopsida
Order: Sphenophyllales
Family: Sphenophyllaceae
Genus: Sphenophyllum

Sphenophyllum biarnicum
Sphenophyllum coemansii
Sphenophyllum cuneifolium
Sphenophyllum emarginatum
Sphenophyllum gilmorei
Sphenophyllum latifolium
Sphenophyllum longifolium
Sphenophyllum majus
Sphenophyllum miravallis
Sphenophyllum multirame
Sphenophyllum myriophyllum
Sphenophyllum oblongifolium
Sphenophyllum paranaense
Sphenophyllum plurifoliatum
Sphenophyllum stoukenbergi
Sphenophyllum subtenerrimum
Sphenophyllum tenuifolium
Sphenophyllum thonii
Sphenophyllum verticillatum

Sphenophyllum is a genus in the order Sphenophyllales. The genus includes species of leaves, stems, roots, as well whole plants.