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Ncell (Pvt) Ltd
Industry Telecommunications
Area served
Products Cellular network, broadband
Increase NPR 91.195 billion (2016)[1]
Increase NPR 99.932 billion (2016)[1]
Total assets Increase NPR 500.324 billion (2016)[1]
Total equity Increase NPR 300.586 billion (2016)[1]
Number of employees
5299 (2016)[2]
Parent Axiata Group Berhad

Ncell (Nepali: एनसेल), is a privately owned mobile network operator in Nepal. Ncell was the first private company to operate public GSM services in Nepal, initially under Mero Mobile brand, re-branded to Ncell on 12 March 2010.[3] It broke the monopoly held by the then state-owned, now public telecommunication company Nepal Telecom. On 12 April 2016, Ncell has officially become a part of Axiata Group Berhad, a Malaysian telecommunications group[4][5] with its rebranding on 16 August 2016.[6]


The company is owned in 80% by Axiata Group Berhad. Ncell is the largest ISP in Nepal with a subscriber base of more than 3 million users.[7] Ncell has 14 million mobile subscribers as of August 2016.[8]


Ncell became a part of Axiata Group Berhad on 11 April 2016, when the Group bought 100% shares of Reynhold Holdings, which holds 80% shares of Ncell. On 21 December 2015 TeliaSonera accounced plans to sell its 60.4% ownership in Ncell to a Malaysian telecommunication conglomerate Axiata, with the deal expected to be completed in the first half of 2016.[9]


Ncell has new technologies and thoughts that attract many customers across Nepal which leave behind other telecommunications in competitive market. People across Nepal complain about the charges and taxes it takes. It organizes several IT related programmes, Sport-tournaments and sale smartphones being a carrier. It is very good at advertising. It has painted the roofs of houses in Manakamana (which can be seen from cable car and that place is also called as Ncell Gaun by local peoples). Recently, the company announced that it will be launching 4G technology in the near future however the company looks forward to imminently receiving the 4G/LTE spectrum from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority in order to serve the community better.[6]

Internet and Packages[edit]

Ncell provides different offers and services on its network. Currently Ncell is providing Facebook Zero from Feb 15, 2017 for 90 days.[10] Recently, Ncell is going to stop zero rated Wikipedia and twitter from March 25. Ncell provides packages services to the customer to use internet in low price and many people are using this offers of internet and global communication.

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