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Spice Up My Kitchen is a how-to series on Home & Garden Television that now airs only as reruns. The show was hosted by designer Lauren Lake and carpenter Jeff Devlin. Each episode features new homeowners with awful kitchens and with the help of Lauren's design ideas and Jeff's carpentry skills, their kitchens are transformed into beautiful, functional spaces.

Show breakdown[edit]

The show starts off with the viewers meeting this week's homeowners and getting acquainted with their ugly kitchen. Next, Lauren and Jeff show up to size up the situation. Then, Lauren presents them with two design options for their kitchen. After a short deliberation, the homeowners choose an option, and Jeff helps them demolish their old kitchen. The kitchen is then madeover from scratch, all new cabinetry, appliances, countertops, flooring, backsplash, paint, etc. Finally, the completely renovated kitchen is revealed to the homeowners.

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