Spiced rice

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Spiced rice
Spiced Indian basmati rice dish.jpg
Course Main dish
Place of origin India
Region or state Karnataka
Main ingredients Rice
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Spiced rice is cooked rice where spices are added to give a distinct flavour. Spiced rice is common among the people of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts of Karnataka, and is seen in other parts of Asia.

Varieties of spiced rice[edit]

  • Pulav or biryani
  • Chitranna, rice sauted with ground nuts, turmeric,oil, mustard seeds and dry chilli.
  • Bisi bele bath, rice sauted with vegetables and chilli powder.
  • Ghee rice, rice sauted in ghee along with chilli, mustard seeds.
  • Jeera rice, rice sauted with ghee or oil along with cumin seeds.