Spicket River

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Coordinates: 42°42′20″N 71°08′48″W / 42.70556°N 71.14667°W / 42.70556; -71.14667

The Spicket River is a 17.7-mile-long (28.5 km)[1] river located in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the United States. It is a left tributary of the Merrimack River, part of the Gulf of Maine watershed. It is sometimes spelled "Spickett".[2]

Boat House circa 1900 in Methuen, Massachusetts

The Spicket River begins at the outlet of Island Pond in Derry, New Hampshire, and flows south into Salem, New Hampshire, passing through the Arlington Mill Reservoir. The river continues through Salem, encountering copious suburban development, and enters the city of Methuen, Massachusetts, where it drops nearly 100 feet over a series of dams on its way to the Merrimack River in Lawrence.

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