Spicks and Specks (TV series)

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Spicks and Specks
Spicks and Specks Logo.PNG
Presented byAdam Hills
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons10
No. of episodes317
Running time27 minutes (original run)
58 minutes (new specials)
50 minutes (2021 and later)
Original networkABC Television
Picture format
Original release2 February 2005 (2005-02-02) –
23 November 2011 (2011-11-23)
4 November 2018 – present

Spicks and Specks is an Australian music-themed comedic television quiz show in which the host, Adam Hills, asks two teams, of three people each, varying music-themed questions in different games. Team leaders are Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough. Members of each team vary from episode to episode; one per team generally comes from the world of music and the other from comedy. Scores are kept, but the prize for the winners is simply personal satisfaction. Many games are named after, or otherwise reference, well known song titles.

The series originally aired on what was then ABC1 at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights, with the show repeated on Thursdays on what was then ABC2 at 8pm. The previous year's season was repeated every Friday at 2:30pm on ABC1.

After the show's end in 2011, and an unsuccessful 2014 relaunch featuring new hosts, a new series began airing in an hour-long weekly format from 18 April 2021 with the original hosts.


The show's general style, employing a mix of music and comedy, is similar to the British show Never Mind the Buzzcocks and fellow Australian TV show RocKwiz, but the question formats and program style (Satirical vs. Family vs. Pub Quiz) are different.

Although there are no prizes for the winners, on rare occasions Hills decides to award some convenient prop for comedic effect – a "Fools' Gold" sandwich very similar (they used strawberry jam as opposed to grape jam) to that eaten by Elvis, for example.

The show takes both its name and theme music from the Bee Gees' 1966 song, Spicks and Specks. The theme music was performed and produced by The Dissociatives, a duo consisting of Silverchair singer Daniel Johns and dance musician Paul Mac, and replaced all the lyrics bar the title refrain with scat singing. In addition, Mac once appeared on the show as a panellist.

The show is hosted by stand-up comedian Adam Hills who poses questions to two three-person teams each headed by a permanent team captain, actor/comedian/author Alan Brough and radio announcer Myf Warhurst.[1]

Games in the show include: Substitute, in which one member from each team sings three well-known tunes, substituting unrelated words from a text provided by Hills, while the other team members have to name the song; Cover Versions in which one teram's member is chosen to draw pictures (in silence), initially representing an album cover and, in later episodes, song titles, while the other members attempt to name the album/song; Musician or Serial Killer, in which each team member is shown a photograph of a person and is asked to identify whether that person is a musician or a serial killer; and The Final Countdown, always the final game of each program, in which members of both teams compete to be first to attempt to answer general questions on music.


Original series (2005–2011)[edit]

Guest team members, who varied from week to week, included some regulars: Hamish Blake, Jason Byrne, Frank Woodley, Colin Lane, Ross Noble, James Morrison, Renée Geyer, Ella Hooper, Meshel Laurie, Denise Scott, Antoinette Halloran and Dave O'Neil. With the exception of Dave O'Neil, Blake appeared more often than any other guest panellist, and his comparative lack of musical knowledge was a running gag.

In 2007 during a game called Kid's Music Special, the question "What children's song is contained in the song Down Under?" led to music publisher, Larrikin Music, taking legal action against Men at Work songwriters Colin Hay and Ron Strykert over the main flute riff. After three years of litigation, the lawsuit was settled in favour of Larrikin Music after Down Under was deemed to have used key elements of the Australian children's nursery rhyme Kookaburra.[2]

The show returned for its seventh season on 4 May 2011. On 25 May 2011, the ABC announced the seventh season would be last, with the last program on 23 November 2011.[3]

2014 relaunch (2014)[edit]

The ABC announced on 28 November 2012, during its 2013 program launch, that Spicks and Specks would be returning in the new year but without Hills, Warhurst, or Brough.[4][5] The re-launch of the series was delayed by the broadcaster until 2014, with the first episode airing on 5 February. The new host was comedian Josh Earl with Adam Richard and Ella Hooper as team captains.[6][7][8]

The revival was axed after 20 episodes due to low ratings, with the final six recorded episodes airing over the summer non-ratings period.

2021 relaunch (2021-2022)[edit]

Following the success of several themed specials, the ABC announced a new 10-episode series, hosted by Adam Hills and the original team leaders.[9][10] Much like those specials and the 2014 series, it featured new games along with classic games, with Know Your Product, Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma, Substitute, and The Final Countdown all appearing in every episode.

The series was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic while "stage four lockdown" was occurring, leading to some minor changes to the show's set, which was redesigned to have a curved outline, and solo buzzers instead of a single team buzzer. Physical comedy was frequently used in the rebooted series, which mostly came from Dave O'Neil, who appeared as a guitarist, a banana, a lost luggage collector, an ice cream van owner, a mobile DJ, the sole owner of Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged guitar,[citation needed], a Zoom comedian who has a puppet bat, a bootleg merchandise seller, and a "Dave-A-Roo" deliveryman.

ABC renewed the series for a second season in 2022,[11] this time with a live audience. The second season premiered on 7 August 2022.[12] Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the season's sixth episode was pushed back by a week.[13]


In the majority of games, each team gets its own questions to answer – although the other team members may answer the question if the first team doesn't know it. In the remaining games, both teams can answer the questions.

Original series (2005–2011)[edit]

Games begun in the original series included:

  • Know Your Product, in which each team captain chooses one of four given topics. There are three questions from the topic that either team can answer. The questions are usually ordered by points allocated and the number of answers needed (i.e., the first question is worth one point and requires one answer, the second question is worth two points and requires two answers, and the final question is worth three points and requires three answers). This game is played first in every episode. In special episodes the topic is the show's theme which has five questions of which the fourth and fifth questions have four and five answers respectively. The game is named after the song by The Saints.
  • Substitute, in which one member from each team sings three well-known tunes, substituting words from a text provided by Hills. This is usually a technical manual or some kind of text that is humorous given the context (texts used have included Datsun 180B Service Manual, 2004 Australian Government Tax Pack, A Guide to Yabbie Farming and Be Bold with Bananas). The other members of that team then guess the songs. This game is loosely based on One Song to the Tune of Another from the BBC Radio 4 panel game I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and Adam Hills's own minor hit with Working Class Anthem, in which he sang the lyrics of the Australian National Anthem to the tune of Jimmy Barnes's "Working Class Man". The game is named after the song by The Who.
  • Cover Versions in which one team member is chosen to draw pictures (in silence), in initial episodes representing album covers and in later episodes representing song titles. The other team members attempt to name the album/song. The drawings are not allowed to contain words or numbers. Music used during this game is Axel F.
  • Samplemania/Videomania, in which five or six songs/music video clips are edited into one 30-second clip. Players must identify the different songs/videos in the clip after they have all been played, and are not allowed to take notes.
  • Turning Japanese in which the lyrics of well-known song are translated into Japanese using an online web translator and then translated back into English using the same translator. Contestants must name the title of the original song. The game is named after the song by The Vapors
  • Please Please Tell Me Now Hills presents part of a music video clip, and the teams must answer questions about the video. The game is named after a line in Is There Something I Should Know? by Duran Duran
  • Musician or Serial Killer, in which each team is shown a photograph of a person and is asked to say whether that person is a musician or a serial killer. Early episodes tasked individual panelists with identification, resulting in six rounds of this game.
  • Sir Mix'n'Matchalot, in which each team has to match three famous people with three obscure facts about them. The game title is a play on rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot.
  • Bottom 100 in which Hills provides each team with a choice of two awful songs and asks the team members to say which was rated worse by a given group or list. The title of this game is a play on the Triple J Hottest 100.
  • You Can Buy Me Love (titled Can Buy Me Love in the 2021 reboot) in which Adam reads out three celebrity-themed items that have been found on eBay (e.g., a tour jacket, keychain with artist/band name). Some of these items are the usual merchandise, whereas others are down-right weird. The teams are then asked to place each item in order from cheapest to the most expensive. The game is named after the song Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles.
  • Common People in which the teams identify the commonality between three musicians/musical personalities or songs/albums. The game is named after the song Love of the Common People by Paul Young.
  • Malvern Stars on 45 in which a single team member rides a bicycle which powers a record player. The rotation speed of each record is governed by the team member's pedalling speed. The pedaller must continue until the other team members name as many songs as possible in the time limit. The game is named after the bicycle manufacturer Malvern Star and the band Stars on 45. In the 2021 reboot, a mobile DJ manages the record player.
  • Mondegreens, in which teams are given a short piece of text that vaguely sounds like real lyrics or a set of lyrics. Teams must then identify the real lyrics.
  • Looking for Clues, in which teams have to name a band from a cryptic clue given by Hills. The game is named after the song by Robert Palmer.
  • Look What They've Done... (to my song, ma) (occasionally called Name That Tune) in which song clips have been changed and the players must identify the tracks. Most commonly, a guest artist or group is used to play the tracks in a different style from the original, however the songs have also been played backwards, which later became its own game (Step Back In Time), through headphones played to maximum volume, through ringtones, over the top of each other, or on a malfunctioning radio. The game is named after the song What Have They Done to My Song Ma by Melanie Safka.
  • Something's Missing, in which the teams are shown album covers with an item or word blanked out, and must identify the missing item. The game is named after the song Something's Missing (In My Life) by Paul Jabara and Donna Summer.
  • One out of Three Ain't Bad, in which teams are given a relatively obscure musical story and are presented with three possible endings. Teams must select the true ending to the story. The game is named after the song Two Out of Three Ain't Bad by Meat Loaf.
  • Word Up, in which teams must identify the lyrics of a song from five random words. The game is named after the song by Cameo.
  • You're The Voices, in which a member of each team must stand next to the opposite team and sing a song from a book (by singing only la la la). The first team to get its member's song correct wins a point. The game is named after the song by John Farnham.
  • All Shook Up, in which each team is shown a series of anagrams of musicians' names (e.g. "Bomb Early" – "Bob Marley"), and team members have to unscramble them. If nobody guesses an anagram immediately, Hills gives a clue. The game is named after the song by Elvis Presley.
  • Two Little Words, in which one member of each team is blind-folded by wearing "Spicks Specs" and the others are given the name of a musician or band. The blind-folded member must name the musician or band from one-word clues given by the other two team members. The game is named after the song Three Little Words by The Rhythm Boys. Music used during this game is Green Onions.
  • Counting the Beat, in which one member of each team plays songs on a keyboard while the others try to name the song. Keyboardists are given a list of numbers corresponding to the order in which they should play the notes, but are given no indication of the rhythm. The game was introduced in 2008 and is named after the song by The Swingers. In the 2021 reboot, the game is played on a giant keyboard played by feet.
  • I'll Jumble For Ya, in which one team member is given thirty seconds to correctly match nine song titles divided in half and mixed up on a magnetic board. The game is named after the song I'll Tumble 4 Ya by Culture Club.
  • Step Back in Time, in which songs are played backwards and must be identified by the teams. The game is named after the song by Kylie Minogue.
  • What's The Story?, in which a team receives three stories about an opposing team member. Team members must decide whether each story is either true, half true, or untrue. The game is named after the album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis.
  • Turn Turn Turn, in which each team is presented with a sliding block puzzle of a famous album cover, and members have to work together to solve it. Both teams battle it out, and points are given to the team completing its puzzle first. The game is named after the song made famous by The Byrds.
  • Reelin' in the Years, in which each team is given 10 songs and 10 years, and have to match the songs to the years of first performance. The game is named after the song by Steely Dan.
  • F.A.C.T. In The U.S.A., in which team members are given musical facts based on towns they select on a map of the USA, and have to say whether the fact is true of false. The game is named after the song R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. by John Cougar Mellencamp
  • Toss the Telly, in which a member from each team tries to throw TVs out of a hotel window. Points are scored based on how many TVs are successfully thrown.
  • Spickety Blanks, in which each team is presented with a quotation from a famous musician in which one of the words is blanked out; team members have give the missing word. This game is a satirical take on the show Blankety Blanks.
  • Disco v Punk, in which each team has to knock over punks (bowling pins) with a disco ball (bowling ball.) Points are scored based on how many punks a team is able to knock down.
  • Dancing Substitute, in which one member from each team is chosen to perform well-known dance moves for the other members to name. This is a variation of the game Substitute.
  • Apprentices Masters, in which teams have to guess album covers that are painted in the style of European masters.
  • Sixties Jumble, in which teams are given a set of songs and events, and have to match them to the year they happened/were released.
  • Across the Ditch, Bro, in which each team is presented with a list of songs from either Australia or New Zealand, and has to match the songs to their country of origin.
  • Mistletoss, in which teams deliver Christmas presents by throwing them into a goal within a given time limit. Points are scored based on how many presents a team successfully delivers. Different variations of this game exist, such as the teams throwing fruit at singers who are keeping baby Jesus awake at the inn, throwing CDs into the chimney of a model house, and throwing presents into windows of a rehab clinic or into pairs of stockings.
  • Who? Who? Who?, in which teams have to identify a music-industry personality dressed in a Christmas outfit.
  • The Final Countdown, in which players beat the buzzer to answer generic musical quiz question. This is the only game in which points are deducted for incorrect responses. The game is the final game of each program and is named after the song by Europe.

Many of these games have proven more popular than others. Substitute was used consistently throughout the early history of the show, appearing in almost every episode (although later was occasionally excluded in favour of Cover Versions). Other games were used only every now and then and others were used even less frequently. Some other games which proved to be popular early in the show's history have been used less or even abandoned later including Musician or Serial Killer and Bottom 100. Both were commonly used early in 2005, but rarely later. Some games were also introduced later in the series, and occasionally a game will be temporarily changed in some way (e.g. Musician Or Serial Killer was changed once to ARIA winner or Audience Member on the ARIA special episode), or only ever used in one episode (e.g. Disco v Punk.)

Games introduced in the 2021 series[edit]

  • Cover Cover Cover Cover Chameleon, in which each team is presented with a person dressed up like someone from a famous album cover, who then reveals a recreation of it using real life objects and a soundstage. The team must identify what album the person is trying to recreate. The game is named after Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.
  • Art For Art's Sake, in which the teams are presented with crudely-drawn fan art of famous musicians and must identify the musicians. The game is named after a song by 10cc.
  • Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?, where each team is presented with a mysterious musician through a Skype call (with the musician's face and voice replaced), whose identity is revealed after ten "yes or no" questions are asked. The game is named after a song by The Angels. The game itself is based on "Who am I?" games.
  • Never Tell Us Apart, in which the teams are presented with clips of two songs with rhyming names (e.g., "Fast Car" / "All Star") played at the same time, and teams must identify each song. The game is named after Never Tear Us Apart by INXS.
  • Papa's Left His Brand New Bag, in which each team is presented with an item of baggage left at the airport by famous musicians, and must guess the musician by looking through its contents. Every member is given some unique item, resulting in six rounds of the game. The game is named after Papa's Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown.
  • On My List, in which each team is presented a question with multiple possible answers, and the team must write the correct answer.
  • Picture This, in which each team is provided a set of "cryptic" images that refer to a song title, and must identify the song title from the images.
  • Tuberstylin', in which each team must guess a song based on YouTube comments left on its music video. If a team member does not guess it within a single comment, another comment providing a clearer hint is given. The game is named after Superstylin' by Groove Armada.
  • Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion, in which each team is presented with five images of a famous musician from different career stages and must sort them from oldest to newest. A song by the artist will play in the background while they sort. The game is named after Fashion by David Bowie.
  • Adam and The Antonyms, in which each team must give a song's title from its opposite (e.g., "Wintertime Happiness" / "Summertime Sadness"). The game's name is a play on the name of the English rock band Adam and the Ants.
  • Listomania, in which each team is presented with a list of an artist's top five favourite songs, and must give the correct order using a magnetic board. Then a pre-recorded video of the artist explaining the correct order is played. The game's name is a pun on the fan frenzy known as Lisztomania.

Games introduced in the 2022 series[edit]

  • Secret Song: in which clues to a song are hidden throughout each episode, and teams must identify the song, which is asked as the final question in The Final Countdown. Teams that are correct are awarded five points.
  • Stand & Delivery, in which each team must identify a musician from that person's home deliveries. Similar to Papa's Left His Brand New Bag, but teams are given only a single container. The game is named after Stand and Deliver by Adam and the Ants.
  • In Da Club, in which all team members must stand in a faux nightclub queue and ask the manager clues about what act is performing. The game is named after the song by 50 Cent.
  • The Kids Are Alright, in which teams are shown clips of kids describing music videos, and have to guess which song they are talking about. The game is named after the song by The Who.
  • Another Brick in the Wall, in which teams have to guess iconic outfits worn by various musicians. Each outfit is modeled behind a giant wall, with pieces able to be taken out to reveal a part of the outfit. Points decrease as bricks are removed. The game is named after the song by Pink Floyd.


Spicks and Specks was first filmed in Gordon Street, Elsternwick, at Studio 31, before being moved to ABC Melbourne's new studios in Southbank.[citation needed]


Series 1 (2005)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 2 February 2005 Cal Wilson & Kram Dinah Lee & Ross Noble
2 9 February 2005 Eddie Perfect & Ross Wilson Angie Hart & Hamish Blake
3 16 February 2005 Katie Underwood & Scott Edgar Jim Keays & Hamish Blake
4 23 February 2005 Beccy Cole & Greedy Smith Simon Tedeschi & Scott Edgar
5 2 March 2005 Toni Lamond & Andy Lee Murray Cook & Terri Psiakis
6 9 March 2005 Emma Pask & Jeff Green Barry Crocker & Cal Wilson
7 16 March 2005 Geraldine Turner & Frank Woodley Lucky Oceans & Bill Bailey
8 23 March 2005 Terri Psiakis & David Hirschfelder Loene Carmen & Ross Noble
9 30 March 2005 Ella Hooper & Scott Edgar James Morrison & Colin Lane
10 6 April 2005 Brian Cadd & Scott Edgar Slava Grigoryan & Ross Noble
11 13 April 2005 David Hobson & Rich Hall Angry Anderson & Kitty Flanagan
12 20 April 2005 Toni Lamond & David McCormack Brian Mannix & Hamish Blake
13 27 April 2005 Deni Hines & Pete Smith Mick Thomas & Hamish Blake
14 4 May 2005 Beccy Cole & Earl Okin Frankie J. Holden & Andy Lee
15 11 May 2005 Richard Clapton & Wendy Harmer Guy Sebastian & David O'Doherty
16 18 May 2005 Diana Doherty & Paul Capsis Renée Geyer & Colin Lane
17 25 May 2005 Alice McNamara & Rusty Berther John Paul Young & Wendy Harmer
18 1 June 2005 Todd McKenney & Hamish Blake Greedy Smith & Denise Scott
19 8 June 2005 Ali McGregor & Scott Brennan Paul Mac & Greg Fleet
20 15 June 2005 Ella Hooper & Andy Lee Jud Arthur & Frank Woodley
21 22 June 2005 Emily Taheny & Reg Mombassa Rob Guest & Colin Lane
22 29 June 2005 Guy Noble & Cal Wilson Chris Cheney & Dave O'Neil
23 6 July 2005 Maya Jupiter & Shane Bourne Jimmy Barnes & Scott Edgar
24 13 July 2005 Renée Geyer & Rusty Berther Normie Rowe & Hamish Blake
25 20 July 2005 Brooke Fraser & Adam Rozenbachs James Morrison & Frank Woodley
26 27 July 2005 Richard Gill & Cal Wilson Liam Finn & Greg Fleet
27 3 August 2005 Ali McGregor & Carlotta Courtney Murphy & Hamish Blake
28 10 August 2005 Katie Melua & Scott Edgar Marty Rhone & Frank Woodley
29 17 August 2005 Simon Tedeschi & Andy Lee Murray Cook & Denise Scott
30 24 August 2005 Terri Psiakis & Kram Rhonda Burchmore & Shane Bourne
31 31 August 2005 Clare Bowditch & Ross Noble Jane Scali & Tim Ross
32 7 September 2005 Ella Hooper & Gavin Wood Richard Frankland & Colin Lane
33 14 September 2005 Aaron Choulai & Wilbur Wilde Venetta Fields & Ross Noble
34 21 September 2005 Jade MacRae & Jonathan Biggins Johnny Young & Colin Lane
35 28 September 2005 Harry James Angus & Fiona O'Loughlin Daryl Braithwaite & Dave O'Neil
36 5 October 2005 Geraldine Turner & Pete Smith Stuart MacLeod & Dave O'Neil
37 12 October 2005 Jenny Morris & Murray Cook Simon Tedeschi & Hamish Blake
38 19 October 2005 Debra Byrne & Andy Lee David Hirschfelder & Frank Woodley
39 26 October 2005 Clare Bowditch & Adam Rozenbachs Glenn Shorrock & Hamish Blake
40 2 November 2005 Russell Morris & Scott Edgar Todd McKenney & Meshel Laurie
41 9 November 2005 Robert Forster & Dave O'Neil Sharon O'Neill & Colin Lane
A Very Specky Christmas 2005 18 December 2005 Belinda Emmett & Hamish Blake James Morrison & Rove McManus

Series 2 (2006)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 15 February 2006 Kate DeAraugo & Adam Richard Peter Brocklehurst & Dave O'Neil
2 22 February 2006 Kate Miller-Heidke & Hamish Blake Tony Sheldon & Ross Noble
3 1 March 2006 Richard Gill & Eddie Perfect Toby Allen & Fiona O'Loughlin
4 8 March 2006 Ali McGregor & Danny Bhoy Alex Lloyd & Ross Noble
5 15 March 2006 Christine Anu & Adam Richard Billy Field & Denise Scott
6 22 March 2006 Toni Lamond & Adam Rozenbachs Pete Murray & Colin Lane
7 29 March 2006 Ella Hooper & Grahame Bond Les Gock & Meshel Laurie
8 5 April 2006 Kate Ceberano & Michael Chamberlin Murray Cook & Arj Barker
9 12 April 2006 Ella Hooper & Rich Hall Darryl Cotton & Dave O'Neil
10 19 April 2006 Beccy Cole & Stephen K. Amos Rosario La Spina & Denise Scott
11 26 April 2006 Chloe Dallimore & Glenn Wool David Page & Jason Byrne
12 3 May 2006 Ali McGregor & Francis Rossi Rick Parfitt & Meshel Laurie
13 10 May 2006 Lenka & Earl Okin Joe Camilleri & Ross Noble
14 17 May 2006 Ngaiire & Lulu McClatchy Tom Burlinson & Hamish Blake
15 24 May 2006 Yumi Stynes & Wilbur Wilde Jeff Duff & Dave O'Neil
16 31 May 2006 Jon English & Fiona O'Loughlin Jon Toogood & Frank Woodley
17 7 June 2006 Tiffany Speight & Colin Lane Stephen Cummings & Denise Scott
18 14 June 2006 Sarah Lee Guthrie & Gary Eck Colin Hay & Hamish Blake
19 21 June 2006 Lisa McCune & Colin Lane Toby Martin & Meshel Laurie
20 28 June 2006 Melinda Schneider & Cal Wilson Leo Sayer & Dave O'Neil
21 5 July 2006 Renée Geyer & Wilbur Wilde Molly Meldrum & Mikey Robins
22 12 July 2006 Colleen Hewett & Adam Richard Justin Burford & Frank Woodley
23 19 July 2006 Simon Tedeschi & Julia Morris Lee Simon & Dave O'Neil
24 26 July 2006 Denise Drysdale & Steven Gates Lior & Denise Scott
25 2 August 2006 Diana Doherty & John Chaplin-Fleming John-Michael Howson & Hamish Blake
26 9 August 2006 Sharon Jones & Meshel Laurie Martin Plaza & Dave O'Neil
27 16 August 2006 Angie Hart & Amanda Keller Al Clark & Frank Woodley
28 23 August 2006 Stephanie Ashworth & Andy Lee John Schumann & Mikey Robins
29 30 August 2006 Mary Schneider & Rusty Berther Carl Cox & Meshel Laurie
30 6 September 2006 Kirsty McCahon & Hamish Blake Suffa & Frank Woodley
31 13 September 2006 Debra Byrne & Jesse Griffin Andy Anderson & Dave O'Neil
32 20 September 2006 Martha Wainwright & Ross Noble Rob Mills & Hamish Blake
33 27 September 2006 Patience Hodgson & Jonathan Biggins Val Jellay & Frank Woodley
34 4 October 2006 Antoinette Halloran & Denise Scott Stephen Mallinder & Anthony Morgan
35 11 October 2006 Ella Hooper & Akmal Saleh Robin Lumley & Hamish Blake
36 18 October 2006 Rebecca Barnard & Tim Minchin Mike Brady & Frank Woodley
37 25 October 2006 Grace Knight & Adam Rozenbachs Dan Kelly & Fiona O'Loughlin
38 1 November 2006 Ian Turpie & Cal Wilson Dave Graney & Dave O'Neil
39 8 November 2006 Kate Neal & Scott Edgar Harry James Angus & Denise Scott
40 15 November 2006 Ali McGregor & HG Nelson Katie Noonan & Hamish Blake
Best of 2006 22 November 2006 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2006.
Another Very Specky Christmas 17 December 2006 Debra Byrne & Frank Woodley Dame Edna Everage & Ross Noble

Series 3 (2007)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 14 February 2007 Nancye Hayes & Jonathan Biggins Dann Hume & Dave O'Neil
2 21 February 2007 Sarah Blasko & Frank Woodley Brian Ritchie & Hamish Blake
3 28 February 2007 Damien Leith & Andrew McClelland Fernando Saunders & Meshel Laurie
4 7 March 2007 Lisa Kekaula & Terri Psiakis Guy Noble & Hamish Blake
5 14 March 2007 Ari Up & Peter Helliar "Weird Al" Yankovic & Dave O'Neil
6 21 March 2007 Genevieve Lemon & Josh Lawson Gerry Beckley & Frank Woodley
7 28 March 2007 Rhonda Burchmore & Adam Rozenbachs Jeff Lang & Dave O'Neil
8 4 April 2007 Taasha Coates & Danny Bhoy Stuart Maunder & Frank Woodley
9 11 April 2007 Darren Hayes & Tim Minchin Jonathon Welch & Meshel Laurie
10 18 April 2007 Holly Throsby & Mark Watson Richard Gill & Jason Byrne
11 25 April 2007 Vika Bull & David O'Doherty Anthony Callea & Stephen K. Amos
12 2 May 2007 David Hobson & Cal Wilson Carl Cox & Colin Lane
13 (Mother's Day Special) 9 May 2007 Rebecca Barnard & George McEncroe Julie Anthony & Denise Scott
14 16 May 2007 Juanita Stein & Anh Do Gina Jeffreys & Frank Woodley
15 23 May 2007 Niki Vasilakis & Dave O'Neil Brian Mannix & Denise Scott
16 (100th Episode Special) 30 May 2007 Antoinette Halloran & Hamish Blake Wilbur Wilde & Amanda Keller
17 6 June 2007 Katy Steele & Shane Jacobson John Reid & Mikey Robins
18 13 June 2007 Casey Bennetto & Andy Lee Max Merritt & Julia Morris
19 20 June 2007 Richard Gill & George McEncroe Laurie Cadevida & Jonathan Coleman
20 27 June 2007 Lyndsay Hammond & Adam Richard Dave Williams & Hamish Blake
21 4 July 2007 Lin Buckfield & Adam Rozenbachs Mike Chapman & Peter Helliar
22 11 July 2007 Suzanne Dowling & Scott Edgar Gotye & Denise Scott
23 (ARIA Hall Of Fame Special) 18 July 2007 Frank Ifield & Cal Wilson Brian Cadd & Mikey Robins
24 25 July 2007 Ali McGregor & Shane Jacobson Richard Gottehrer & Russell Howard
25 1 August 2007 Lara Goodridge & Wilbur Wilde Brian Canham & Hamish Blake
26 8 August 2007 Ella Hooper & Brendon Burns Jamie Redfern & Fiona O'Loughlin
27 15 August 2007 Tal Wilkenfeld & Justin Hamilton Geoff Cox & Meshel Laurie
28 22 August 2007 Margret RoadKnight & Hamish Blake Josh Pyke & Casey Bennetto
29 (Music from the Movies special) 29 August 2007 Emily Browning & Shane Jacobson Bill Hunter & Dave O'Neil
30 5 September 2007 Antoinette Halloran & Matthew Hardy Glenn Tilbrook & Denise Scott
31 12 September 2007 Claire Edwardes & Stephen K. Amos Keith Potger & Frank Woodley
32 19 September 2007 Ali McGregor & Hamish Blake Paul Grabowsky & Denise Scott
33 (Children's Music Special) 26 September 2007 Charli Robinson & Jay Laga'aia Justine Clarke & Murray Cook
34 2 October 2007 Emily Browning & Sammy J Lloyd Cole & Dave O'Neil
35 10 October 2007 Katie Noonan & Gary Adams Brian Mannix & Andrew Denton
36 17 October 2007 Diana Doherty & Corinne Grant James Lynch & Frank Woodley
37 24 October 2007 Anne Kirkpatrick & Hamish Blake Ohad Rein & Fiona O'Loughlin
38 (Halloween Special) 31 October 2007 Deborah Conway & Adam Rozenbachs Guy Noble & Dave Hughes
39 7 November 2007 Elenoa Rokobaro & Dave O'Neil Ignatius Jones & Anthony Morgan
40 14 November 2007 Emma Jane Murphy & Santo Cilauro James Reyne & Hamish Blake
Best of 2007 21 November 2007 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2007.
A Very Specky Christmas 2007 16 December 2007 Missy Higgins & Hamish Blake Rhonda Burchmore & Andrew Denton

Series 4 (2008)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 6 February 2008 Guy Sebastian & Cal Wilson Guy Pratt & Dave O'Neil
2 13 February 2008 Jade MacRae & Hamish Blake David McAllister & Denise Scott
3 20 February 2008 Caroline O'Connor & Frank Woodley Julien Temple & Dave O'Neil
4 27 February 2008 Richard O'Brien & Meshel Laurie Richard Gill & David O'Doherty
5 5 March 2008 Sally Seltmann & Colin Lane Jacki Weaver & Peter Helliar
6 12 March 2008 Ali Campbell & Felicity Ward Barry McGuire & Dave O'Neil
7 19 March 2008 Eddi Reader & Adam Rozenbachs Idan Raichel & Ross Noble
8 26 March 2008 Matthew Murphy & Ryan Shelton Steve Lukather & Meshel Laurie
9 2 April 2008 Mark Seymour & Fiona O'Loughlin Newton Faulkner & Jason Byrne
10 9 April 2008 Brian McFadden & Stephen K. Amos Casey Bennetto & Meshel Laurie
11 16 April 2008 Nicolette Fraillon & Hamish Blake Mike McLeish & Peter Rowsthorn
12 23 April 2008 Clare Bowditch & Frank Woodley Stephen Schwartz & Fiona O'Loughlin
13 30 April 2008 Rachael Beck & Hamish Blake Kurt Elling & Meshel Laurie
14 7 May 2008 Lorna Luft & Jonathan Biggins Wilbur Wilde & Felicity Ward
15 14 May 2008 Lisa Miller & Greedy Smith Dylan Lewis & Judith Lucy
16 21 May 2008 Marina Prior & Dave Hughes Denise Scott & John Amis
17 28 May 2008 Amanda Pelman & Ryan Shelton James Ash & Mikey Robins
18 4 June 2008 Clare Moore & Shane Jacobson Ray Burgess & Meshel Laurie
19 11 June 2008 Dan Sultan & Denise Scott Geoffrey Rush & Hamish Blake
20 18 June 2008 Natalie Pa'apa'a & Dave O'Neil Damien Leith & Cal Wilson
21 25 June 2008 Taryn Fiebig & Tommy Dean Mike Rudd & Hamish Blake
22 2 July 2008 Sipokazi Luzipo & Adam Rozenbachs Kaz James & Shaun Micallef
23 9 July 2008 Tom Zutat & Jason Byrne Brian McFadden & Felicity Ward
24 16 July 2008 Nell Campbell & Frank Woodley Muscles & Hamish Blake
25 23 July 2008 Vanessa Amorosi & Mark Watson Steve Weltman & Amanda Keller
26 (Australia vs. NZ Special) 30 July 2008 Jenny Morris & Tony Martin Pete Murray & Meshel Laurie
27 6 August 2008 Ali McGregor & Peter Helliar Carl Cox & Denise Scott
28 13 August 2008 Faustina "Fuzzy" Agolley & Hamish Blake Kim Salmon & Dave O'Neil
29 20 August 2008 Kate Ceberano & Maeve Higgins Paul Dyer & Reginald D. Hunter
30 27 August 2008 Nell Campbell & Ross Noble Troy Cassar-Daley & Felicity Ward
31 3 September 2008 Ali McGregor & Sammy J John O'Connell & Hamish Blake
32 10 September 2008 Brett Weymark & Al Pitcher Jae Laffer & Denise Scott
33 17 September 2008 Judy Stone & Arj Barker Rob Mills & Reginald D. Hunter
34 24 September 2008 Antoinette Halloran & Hamish Blake Ron Sexsmith & Dave O'Neil
35 1 October 2008 Rhonda Burchmore & Mark Watson John Butler & Kristen Schaal
36 (Behind The Scenes Special) 8 October 2008 This behind the scenes special hosted by Hamish Blake took a tour through the studios and dressing rooms of the ABC studios in Elsternwick and conducted interviews with show personnel.
37 15 October 2008 Kate Miller-Heidke & Frankie J. Holden Anne McCue & Amanda Keller
38 22 October 2008 Kaki King & Adam Rozenbachs Richard Gill & Dave O'Neil
39 29 October 2008 Mia Dyson & Heath Franklin Ian "Dicko" Dickson & Des Bishop
40 5 November 2008 Leo Sayer & Eddie Perfect William Barton & Denise Scott
41 12 November 2008 Christine Anu & Hamish Blake Geoffrey Rush & Felicity Ward
Best of 2008 19 November 2008 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2008.
A Very Specky Christmas 2008 21 December 2008 Ella Hooper & Frank Woodley Carl Cox & Meshel Laurie

Series 5 (2009)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 4 February 2009 Rebecca Barnard & Dave O'Neil Guy Pearce & Felicity Ward
2 11 February 2009 Antoinette Halloran & Heath Franklin Bruce Woodley & Meshel Laurie
3 18 February 2009 Georgie Parker & Hamish Blake Allan Zavod & Stephen Curry
4 25 February 2009 Sharon Jones & Tommy Dean David Bridie & Amanda Keller
5 4 March 2009 John Wood & Denise Scott Max Sharam & Danny Bhoy
6 11 March 2009 Renée Geyer & Jesse Griffin Chris Cheney & Meshel Laurie
7 18 March 2009 Kim Walker & Celia Pacquola Pete Murray & Rhys Darby
8 25 March 2009 Tina Arena & Tim Minchin Bob Evans & Dave Hughes
9 1 April 2009 Katarina Kroslakova & Adam Rozenbachs Luka Bloom & Peter Helliar
10 8 April 2009 Guy Garvey & John Moloney Seasick Steve & Nina Conti
11 15 April 2009 Jade MacRae & Steve Coogan Suggs & Stephen K. Amos
12 22 April 2009 Pete Smith & Gina Riley Kram & Rusty Berther
13 29 April 2009 Taryn Fiebig & Dave Hughes Guy Pratt & Meshel Laurie
14 6 May 2009 Kate Miller-Heidke & Mike Keat Bart Willoughby & Hamish Blake
15 13 May 2009 Katarina Kroslakova & Scott Edgar Speech & Judith Lucy
16 20 May 2009 Silvie Paladino & Shane Jacobson Chris Bailey & Dave O'Neil
17 27 May 2009 Sophie Koh & Mark Trevorrow Ross Wilson & Cal Wilson
18 3 June 2009 Kaki King & Frank Woodley Michael Smallwood & Amanda Keller
19 (1950's Special) 10 June 2009 Toni Lamond & Pete Smith Frankie J. Holden & Hamish Blake
20 17 June 2009 Shelley Harland & Mike Wilmot Iain Hewitson & Janeane Garofalo
21 24 June 2009 Brett Kelly & Denise Scott Paris Wells & Dave Hughes
22 1 July 2009 Antoinette Halloran & Trevor Marmalade David Campbell & Meshel Laurie
23 8 July 2009 Jim Keays & Geraldine Quinn Wes Carr & Hamish Blake
24 15 July 2009 Ella Hooper & Adam Rozenbachs Murray Cook & Dave O'Neil
25 (1960's Special) 22 July 2009 Denise Drysdale & Adam Richard Brian Cadd & Ian Turpie
26 29 July 2009 Donna Simpson & Scott Edgar Denis Walter & Colin Lane
27 5 August 2009 Jane Rutter & Rusty Berther Matt Taylor & Denise Scott
28 12 August 2009 Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Meshel Laurie Al Clark & Reginald D. Hunter
29 19 August 2009 Tim Finn & Jackie Loeb Lucy Durack & Dave O'Neil
30 26 August 2009 Glenn Hughes & Sarah Millican Jason Mraz & Jason Byrne
31 2 September 2009 Charlie Thorpe & Dave Hughes Paul Gray & George McEncroe
32 (200th Episode Special) 9 September 2009 Ella Hooper & Hamish Blake Paul Grabowsky & Meshel Laurie
33 16 September 2009 Peter Combe & Celia Pacquola Tony Mott & Stephen K. Amos
34 23 September 2009 Nick Seymour & Eddie Perfect John Swan & Denise Scott
35 (1970's Special) 30 September 2009 Molly Meldrum & Noeline Brown Michael Gudinski & Tommy Dean
36 7 October 2009 Sophia Brous & Rusty Berther Robert McComb & Dave O'Neil
37 14 October 2009 Suze DeMarchi & Russell Kane Chip Monck & Rich Hall
38 21 October 2009 Megan Washington & Adam Rozenbachs Jon Farriss & Scott Edgar
39 28 October 2009 C. W. Stoneking & Hamish Blake Jordie Lane & Denise Scott
40 (1980's Special) 4 November 2009 Ally Fowler & Dave O'Neil Brian Mannix & George McEncroe
Best of 2009 11 November 2009 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2009.
Deleted Scenes 2009 18 November 2009 Compilation episode – A selection of the Deleted scenes from 2009. This special was hosted by Alan Brough & Myf Warhurst.
A Very Specky Christmas 2009 20 December 2009 Jarvis Cocker & Dave O'Neil Peter Garrett & Denise Drysdale

Series 6 (2010)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 3 February 2010 Sarah Blasko & Hamish Blake Dave Faulkner & Cal Wilson
2 10 February 2010 Mihirangi & Denise Scott Richard Gill & Kitty Flanagan
3 17 February 2010 Missy Higgins & Magda Szubanski Dan Sultan & Ernie Dingo
4 24 February 2010 Florence Welch & Dave Callan Scott Carne & Meshel Laurie
5 3 March 2010 Neko Case & Rusty Berther Carl Cox & Dave O'Neil
6 10 March 2010 Antoinette Halloran & Jason Cook J. Mascis & Colin Lane
7 17 March 2010 Patti Newton & Eddie Ifft Chris Durling & Fiona O'Loughlin
8 24 March 2010 Colette Mann & Cal Wilson Paul Dempsey & Tony Martin
9 31 March 2010 Mama Kin & Tommy Dean Ian Moss & Denise Scott
10 7 April 2010 Amanda Palmer & Scott Edgar Joe Chindamo & Phil Nichol
11 14 April 2010 Lara Mulcahy & Rich Fulcher Doc Neeson & Meshel Laurie
12 21 April 2010 Darlene Love & Steve Hughes Darren Cordeux & Reginald D. Hunter
13 28 April 2010 Amandah Wilkinson & Hamish Blake Mark Holden & Felicity Ward
14 5 May 2010 Adalita & Jimeoin Meat Loaf & Magda Szubanski
15 12 May 2010 Sarah McLeod & Frank Woodley Matisyahu & Tony Martin
16 (Britannia Special) 19 May 2010 Ritchie Yorke & Hamish Blake Jamie Cullum & Sarah Millican
17 26 May 2010 Bob Brozman & Denise Scott Beth Nielsen Chapman & Craig Hill
18 2 June 2010 Mary Gauthier & Tommy Dean John Foreman & Kitty Flanagan
19 9 June 2010 Felix Buxton & Damian Callinan Mark Opitz & Meshel Laurie
20 16 June 2010 Lisa Lambert & Jimeoin Amber Lawrence & Tony Martin
21 23 June 2010 Rohan Brooks & Andrew O'Neill Christa Hughes & Hamish Blake
22 (Americana Special) 30 June 2010 Diana Trask & Denise Scott Barbara Morrison & Tommy Dean
23 7 July 2010 Jacqueline Porter & Des Bishop Ron Peno & Meshel Laurie
24 14 July 2010 Sam Moran & Dave O'Neil Gemma Ray & Tom Binns
25 21 July 2010 Felicity Urquhart & Hannah Gadsby Phil Jamieson & Ross Noble
26 28 July 2010 Megan Washington & Damian Callinan Brian McFadden & Gina Yashere
27 4 August 2010 Henry Wagons & Celia Pacquola Chrissy Amphlett & Denise Scott
28 (Europa Special) 11 August 2010 Richard Gill & Joe Avati Jens Lekman & Meshel Laurie
29 18 August 2010 Ann Vriend & Jon Richardson Steve Kilbey & Dave O'Neil
30 25 August 2010 Gil Askey & Frank Woodley Ella Hooper & Dom Irrera
31 1 September 2010 Benjamin Northey & Denise Scott Katrina Noorbergen & Greg Behrendt
32 8 September 2010 Casey Bennetto & Tim Vine Kamahl & Meshel Laurie
33 15 September 2010 Little Pattie & Ross Noble Paul Stewart & Francesca Martinez
34 (Australiana Special) 22 September 2010 Gabriella Cilmi & Dave O'Neil Troy Cassar-Daley & Frank Woodley
Best of 2010 29 September 2010 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2010.
Deleted Scenes 2010 5 October 2010 Compilation episode – A selection of the Deleted scenes from 2010.
A Very Specky Christmas 2010 24 December 2010 Sia & Jimeoin Jimmy Barnes & Denise Scott

Series 7 (2011)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 (Comedy Special) 4 May 2011 Doc Brown & Kitty Flanagan David O'Doherty & Stephen K. Amos
2 11 May 2011 Anthony Warlow & Colin Lane Grace Woodroofe & Hamish Blake
3 18 May 2011 Marcia Hines & Justin Heazlewood Shaun Diviney & Peter Helliar
4 25 May 2011 Vince Jones & Scott Edgar Matt Lee & Meshel Laurie
5 1 June 2011 Christie Whelan Browne & Tommy Dean Brian Mannix & Dave O'Neil
6 8 June 2011 Jane Badler & Adam Richard Ben Folds & Denise Scott
7 22 June 2011 Azmarino & Tommy Dean Glenn Wheatley & Peter Helliar
8 29 June 2011 Finbar Furey & Scott Edgar Shane Nicholson & Dave O'Neil
9 13 July 2011 Diesel & Judith Lucy Chris Botti & Damian Callinan
10 20 July 2011 Geraldine Quinn & Scott Edgar Courtney Taylor-Taylor & Peter Helliar
11 27 July 2011 Kellie Dickerson & Tommy Dean Quan Yeomans & Cal Wilson
12 3 August 2011 Paris Wells & Jimeoin Iain Grandage & Frank Woodley
13 10 August 2011 Sharon Millerchip & Dave O'Neil Justin Burford & Meshel Laurie
14 17 August 2011 Marina Prior & Lawrence Mooney Mic Conway & Denise Scott
15 24 August 2011 Antoinette Halloran & Tom Ballard Wendy Stapleton & Damian Callinan
16 31 August 2011 Leah Flanagan & Jimeoin John Williamson & Dave O'Neil
17 7 September 2011 Elana Stone & Dave Thornton Iva Davies & Frank Woodley
18 14 September 2011 Richard Gill & Meshel Laurie Ella Hooper & Hamish Blake
19 21 September 2011 Jane Clifton & Lawrence Mooney Winston McCall & Peter Helliar
20 28 September 2011 Sharon Jones & Felicity Ward Michael Chugg & Tommy Dean
21 5 October 2011 Pigeon John & Damian Callinan Patrizio Buanne & Meshel Laurie
22 12 October 2011 Bernadette Robinson & Peter Helliar Ross Wilson & Denise Scott
23 19 October 2011 Fiona Campbell & Greg Fleet Lee Kernaghan & Rusty Berther
24 26 October 2011 Hugh Halliday & Dave O'Neil Kram & Josh Earl
25 2 November 2011 Takesha Meshé Kizart & Scott Edgar Red Symons & Denise Scott
Best of Spicks & Specks (Part 1) 9 November 2011 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2005-2011.
Best of Spicks & Specks (Part 2) 16 November 2011 Compilation episode – A selection of the best scenes from 2005-2011.
28 (The Finale) 23 November 2011 Ella Hooper, Scott Edgar, Rhonda Burchmore, Adam Richard, Brian Cadd, Amanda Keller, Antoinette Halloran, Tommy Dean, Megan Washington & Peter Helliar Geoffrey Rush, Dave O'Neil, Darren Hayes, Felicity Ward, Brian Mannix, Jimeoin, Richard Gill, Shane Bourne, Dan Sultan & Denise Scott

Series 8 (2014)[edit]

Episode First Broadcast Ella's Team Adam's Team
1 5 February 2014 Jay Watson & Meshel Laurie Jacqueline Dark & Des Bishop
2 12 February 2014 Suzi Quatro & Lewis Hobba Helen Croome & Lawrence Mooney
3 19 February 2014 Simon Tedeschi & Tom Gleeson Clairy Browne & Luke McGregor
4 26 February 2014 Sean Kelly & Dave O'Neil Nadia Salemme & Urzila Carlson
5 5 March 2014 DJ Shadow & Tegan Higginbotham Ricki-Lee Coulter & Tom Gleeson
6 12 March 2014 Joseph Tawadros & Celia Pacquola Kate Miller-Heidke & Tony Martin
7 19 March 2014 Peter Oxley & Dave O'Neil Ashleigh Dallas & Tom Ballard
8 26 March 2014 Dan Sultan & Genevieve Fricker Ben Mingay & Denise Drysdale
9 2 April 2014 Damien Demsey & Jason Byrne Antoinette Halloran & Joe Lycett
10 9 April 2014 Jake Stone & Kevin Bridges Wilma Smith & David O'Doherty
11 16 April 2014 Richard Gill & Shaparak Khorsandi Ade Edmondson & Felicity Ward
12 23 April 2014 Teddy Tahu Rhodes & Luke McGregor Martha Davis & Frank Woodley
13 30 April 2014 Reece Mastin & Claire Hooper Emma Matthews & Kyle Kinane
14 7 May 2014 Meshel Laurie & Ashley Evans Lucy Durack & Luke McGregor
15 14 May 2014 Seth Sentry & Stephen K. Amos Adalita & James Acaster
16 21 May 2014 John Paul Young & Dave Hughes Jasmine Rae & Michael Winslow
17 28 May 2014 Grandmaster Flash & Lewis Hobba Lisa McCune & Meshel Laurie
18 4 June 2014 Michael Franti & Claire Hooper Deborah Cheetham & Tom Gleeson
19 11 June 2014 Vance Joy & Denise Scott Lara Mulcahy & Dave O'Neil
20 18 June 2014 Brian Mannix & Claire Hooper Kasey Chambers & Rusty Berther
21 14 November 2014 Paul Dempsey & Seán Cullen Kerri Simpson & Tom Gleeson
22 21 November 2014 Russell Morris & Dave O'Neil Will Pickvance & Tegan Higginbotham
23 28 November 2014 Pete Thomas & Meshel Laurie Claire Bowditch & Milton Jones
24 5 December 2014 Nai Palm & Paul Foot Bobby Fox & Tom Gleeson
25 12 December 2014 Bob Sedergreen & Frank Woodley Beth Hart & Cal Wilson
26 19 December 2014 Darren Middleton & Sammy J Kate Ceberano & Randy Feltface

Specials (2018-2020)[edit]

Episode First broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
Reunion Special 4 November 2018 Ricki-Lee Coulter & Frank Woodley Briggs & Denise Scott
AusMusic Special 24 November 2019 Missy Higgins & Rove McManus Brian Mannix & Nina Oyama
90s Special 23 February 2020 Tina Arena & Tom Gleeson Kram & Anne Edmonds
00s Special 19 April 2020 Ella Hooper & Joel Creasey Nic Cester & Sarah Kendall
2010s Special 20 December 2020 Kate Miller-Heidke & Luke McGregor Vance Joy & Claire Hooper

Series 9 (2021)[edit]

Episode First Broadcast Alan's team Myf's Team
1 18 April 2021 G-Flip & Frank Woodley Linda Bull & Dilruk Jayasinha
2 25 April 2021 Christie Whelan & Nath Valvo Scott Darlow & Danielle Walker
3 2 May 2021 Amy Taylor & Denise Scott Stephanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe & Tom Ballard
4 9 May 2021 Alice Skye & Rhys Nicholson Josh Teskey & Zoë Coombs Marr
5 16 May 2021 Mo'Ju & Michala Banas Eddie Perfect & Nazeem Hussain
6 23 May 2021 Alex Lahey & Claire Hooper Quan Yeomans & Anne Edmonds
7 30 May 2021 Kyla Matsuura-Miller & Kate McCartney Isaiah Firebrace & Peter Helliar
8 6 June 2021 Kate Ceberano & Luke McGregor Mitch Tambo & Kate McLennan
9 13 June 2021 Gordi & Jess Harris Sensible J & Lloyd Langford
10 20 June 2021 Missy Higgins & Dave O'Neil Yeo & Judith Lucy

Series 10 (2022)[edit]

Episode First Broadcast Alan's team Myf's team
1 7 August 2022 Casey Donovan & Rhys Nicholson David Novak & Bec Charlwood
2 14 August 2022 Emma Watkins & Michael Hing Georgia Maq & Joel Creasey
3 21 August 2022 Jemma Rix & Nazeem Hussain Tom Cardy & Danielle Walker
4 28 August 2022 Montaigne & Steph Tisdell Zan Rowe & Luke McGregor
5 4 September 2022 Aaron Wyatt & Courtney Act Guest team captain: Michala Banas

Vanessa Amorosi & Hamish Blake

6 18 September 2022 Kayven Temperley & Alex Lee Odette & Dave O'Neil
7 25 September 2022 Andrea Kellar & Reuben Kaye Briggs & Zoë Coombs Marr
8 2 October 2022 Reuben Styles & Cal Wilson Thando & Nath Valvo
9 9 October 2022 Dylan Alcott & Gabbi Bolt Mama Alto & Peter Helliar
10 16 October 2022 Brooke McClymont & Sam Taunton Timomatic & Denise Scott


A Very Specky Christmas[edit]

Since 2005, an annual hour-long Christmas episode, entitled "A Very Specky Christmas" on the Sunday night before Christmas. All questions are either about Christmas songs, or music from the previous year. While these episodes remain true to the standard format with three members on each team, adaptions are made to allow more guest stars to appear. Additional or notably different games have included:

  • Mistletoss, a physical challenge in which the teams are required to throw Christmas presents into a goal in a given time limit. In 2005, the teams threw CDs into the chimney of a model house; in 2006, wrapped gifts were thrown into celebrities' Christmas stockings of different sizes; in 2007, wrapped gifts were thrown through the windows of a "rehab clinic" with a guard out the front, Frank Woodley.
  • Sir Mix'n'Matchalot is adapted so that three additional celebrities appear and are arbitrarily given Christmas presents by the show. The panel then asks questions and attempts to allocate the presents.
  • Substitute is adapted so that trained choirs sing the tunes of Christmas songs with the words from famous quotes and works from the past year, such as controversial pieces of legislation, political speeches, or pop culture.

Best Of[edit]

As the last episode of each year, Spicks and Specks reflects back on all the highlights, lowlights and memorable guests throughout the year.

100th episode[edit]

On 30 May 2007, Spicks and Specks celebrated its 100th episode. Instead of the show being divided into games, teams were asked 100 questions – one from each of the previous 99 episodes, and one new question, "What is the last question on our 100th episode?" which was correctly answered by Antoinette Halloran. Alan Brough's team was victorious although it did come down to the very last question.

Behind the scenes[edit]

This was the first episode of Spicks and Specks in which the games are not played at all. Instead, this behind-the-scenes special hosted by regular contestant Hamish Blake took a tour through the studios and dressing rooms of the ABC studios in Elsternwick and conducted interviews with show personnel.

Production studio[edit]

The show was filmed at ABC Studios in Elsternwick, Victoria, which are rented by ABV-2

With ABC Studios in Ripponlea getting ready to shut down, the program's new home is now at ABC Melbourne studios in Southbank, Victoria. With the move from Ripponlea also comes a move from ABC as the broadcast provider. It is recorded in front of a live audience of 500 people.

200th episode[edit]

On 9 September 2009, Spicks and Specks celebrated its 200th episode. The show had a number of members from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra behind the hosts, who performed the show's many musical questions including the theme song Spicks and Specks by the Bee Gees. The episode also included returning guests Ella Hooper, Hamish Blake, Paul Grabowsky and Meshel Laurie. The questions covered 200 years of music from 1809 to 2009.

Final episode of original series[edit]

A one-hour special, called "The Finale", was the final episode of the original series of Spicks and Specks and went to air on 23 November 2011. There was a change to the list of guests: various guests rotated during different rounds of the show. All of the credited guest appearances on the show were Ella Hooper, Geoffrey Rush, Scott Edgar, Dave O'Neil, Rhonda Burchmore, Adam Richard, Darren Hayes, Brian Cadd, Brian Mannix, Felicity Ward, Amanda Keller, Jimeoin, Tommy Dean, Shane Bourne, Dan Sultan, Richard Gill, Antoinette Halloran, Denise Scott, Peter Helliar, Barry Morgan, Megan Washington, Damian Callinan, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee (who were in New York at the time of filming for their Hamish and Andy's Gap Year).

Other specials[edit]

Special episodes have been compiled for various seasonal or arbitrary themes, including:

  • Halloween (dubbed Spicks and Spooks)
  • ARIA Hall of Fame inductees
  • Children's music
  • Music from films (dubbed Spicks and Flicks)
  • Mother's Day
  • Australia vs New Zealand
  • 50s
  • 60s
  • 70s
  • 80s
  • Countdown Special
  • Britannia Special
  • Australiana Special
  • Americana Special
  • Europa Special
  • Comedy Special
  • AusMusic Special
  • 1990s Special
  • 2000s Special
  • 2010s Special

In each case, questions are written, and some games are changed slightly or new games invented, to suit the theme.

2018 one-off reunion[edit]

On 27 August 2018, it was announced that the show would return for a one-off hour-long special as part of the ABC's "Ausmusic" month. Confirmed as panellists were award-winning rapper Adam Briggs, singer/songwriter Ricki-Lee Coulter and comedians Frank Woodley and Denise Scott, plus a line-up of famous guests to lend their musical talents and knowledge.[14]

The one-hour special aired on 4 November, with a repeat airing on ABC Comedy on 10 November. Guests included Adalita, Vika and Linda Bull, Troy Cassar-Daley, Kate Ceberano, Murray Cook, Paul Dempsey, Antoinette Halloran, Guido Hatzis, Kram, Angie Hart, Kate Miller-Heidke, Lindsay McDougall, Luke McGregor, Russell Morris, Montaigne, Pseudo Echo, Josh Pyke, Ruel, Eskimo Joe's Kav Temperley, Tripod, Cal Wilson, Ross Wilson. The show was dedicated to long time regular guest Richard Gill, who had died a week before the special went to air.[15] It ranked #1 nationally with 1.36 million viewers.[16]

2019–2020 specials[edit]

In August 2019, it was announced that the show with the original lineup would return for a one-off special in November 2019, followed by a short three-episode reboot airing in 2020. The episodes featured original host Adam Hills and team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst, with each episode focusing on a specific generation of music.[17]

Four specials were broadcast; the Ausmusic special, the 90s special, the 2000s special and the 2010s special. Because music from the 2010s was not included in the original Spicks and Specks show, Adam Hills said it was his favourite to film.[18]

DVD releases[edit]

  • In 2007, the first Spicks and Specks product was launched, the Spicks and Specks Interactive Quiz DVD.
  • A Very Specky Christmas was released on 4 December 2008;[19] it contains the 2007 and 2006 Christmas Specials.
  • In 2009, the DVD Up to our Eras was released. It contained the 50s special, the 60s special, the 70s special and the 80s special.
  • Spicks and Specks: The Remixes was released on 5 August 2010 containing 4 episodes that were uncut and uncensored.
  • Spicks & Specks: World Tour was released on 4 November 2010, containing the Australiana, Britannia, Americana and Europa specials, and is said to have unseen footage.[20]
  • Spick & Specks: The Finale was released on 1 December 2011, containing the final episode and The Best of Spicks & Specks.[21]
  • Spicks & Specks: The Pick of Spicks was released on 5 April 2012, containing extended versions of four classic episodes chosen by the hosts.[22]
  • The Spicks and Specks Boxset was released on 1 April 2015, the 4-DVD set contains: The Remixes, World Tour, The Finale and the Pick of Spicks.[23]


Year Awards Award title Result
2012 Logie Awards Logie Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program Won
2012 Logie Awards Logie Most Popular Light Entertainment Program Nominated
2012 Logie Awards Silver Logie Most Popular Presenter Adam Hills Won
2011 Logie Awards Logie Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program Won
2011 Logie Awards Silver Logie Most Popular Presenter Adam Hills Nominated
2010 Logie Awards Logie Most Popular Light Entertainment Program Nominated
2010 Logie Awards Silver Logie Most Popular Presenter Adam Hills Nominated
2009 Logie Awards Logie Most Popular Light Entertainment Program Nominated
2009 Logie Awards Silver Logie Most Popular Presenter Adam Hills Nominated
2008 Logie Awards Logie Most Popular Light Entertainment Program Nominated
2008 Logie Awards Silver Logie Most Popular Presenter Adam Hills Nominated
2007 Logie Awards Logie Most Outstanding Comedy Program Nominated
2007 AACTA Awards Best Light Entertainment Television Series Nominated
2006 Logie Awards Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent Adam Hills Nominated
2006 AACTA Awards Best Light Entertainment Television Series Nominated
2006 Logie Awards Logie Most Popular Light Entertainment/Comedy Program Nominated
2005 AACTA Awards Best Light Entertainment Series Nominated

Related games[edit]

In 2008, the Spicks and Specks Board Game was released by Imagination Games.[24] It was followed by "Up To Our Eras" in 2010, and an "Ausmusic Edition" in 2019.

In 2011 Spicks and Specks Quiz, an app for iPhones, was released. Users are given two play options, Quick Play or Quiz Challenge, with various games taken from the show. There are a number of top-up Quiz Packs to extend the game. On its initial release, the name of the app was automatically censored by Apple to 'S****s and Specks' because of the derogatory use of the word 'spick' in the US to describe a person of Hispanic heritage.[25]


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