Spider-Man No More!

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"Spider-Man No More!"
Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1, 50 (Jul, 1967). Art by John Romita, Sr..
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date July 1967
Title(s) The Amazing Spider-Man #50
Main character(s) Spider-Man
Creative team
Writer(s) Stan Lee
Penciller(s) John Romita, Sr.
Inker(s) Mike Esposito
Letterer(s) Sam Rosen
Collected editions
Essential Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3 ISBN 0-7851-1864-0

"Spider-Man No More!" is a one-issue Spider-Man story written by Stan Lee, with art by John Romita, Sr. Published by Marvel Comics, the story first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #50.

Plot summary[edit]

Peter Parker attempts to give up his life as Spider-Man, but finds out that he is unable to let it go.

Collected editions[edit]

The story is included in the trade paperback Essential Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3 (ISBN 0785118640).

Ultimate Spider-Man[edit]

In the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, several times, Peter Parker had considered giving up as Spider-Man, due to the stress it put him under, and the interference it had of having a normal life. After defeating Ultimate Carnage for the first time, Peter finally decides to quit being Spider-Man, due to Gwen Stacy's death at Carnage's hands. However, after stumbling across a mugging, he finds himself unable to ignore it and stops the muggers, deciding to continue being Spider-Man.

In Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, during the "Venom War" arc, after the death of his mother, Rio Morales, at the hands of Ultimate Venom (Conrad Marcus), Miles Morales flies into rage, angrily ripping up his Spider-Man costume, all the while screaming "No More!". Miles goes one year without being Spider-Man, and is desperately trying to live the normal life he has before he became Peter Parker's successor. He no longer has any interest in being Spider-Man, and tries to brush off the responsibilities of being a hero. Despite this, he is confronted by Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman, who asks him if her really believed she would let him quit being Spider-Man, and tries to convince him to take up the role again. She hands him a duffel bag with a new and repaired Spider-Man costume, but Miles once again declines. Spider-Woman frequently attempts to convince Miles to be a hero again, but Miles only tells her to stay out of his life. It's only when Gwen Stacy, who had a close relationship with Peter Parker, gives him a rousing speech about how Peter had much tragedy in his life, but it never stopped him from doing the right thing, boosting Miles' confidence and inspiring him to be Spider-Man again.

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