Spider Widow

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Spider Widow
Spider Widow 1.jpg
From the front page of a Spider Widow story in Feature Comics #60
Publication information
Publisher Quality Comics
First appearance Feature Comics #57
Created by Frank Borth
In-story information
Alter ego Dianne Grayton
Abilities Trained athlete
Ability to control black widow spiders

Spider Widow is a fictional superhero character that was published by Quality Comics during the Golden Age of Comic Books. The character was created by Frank Borth and debuted in Feature Comics #57, which bore a cover date of June, 1942. Both continued to write and draw the Spider Widow feature until the end of its run in Feature Comics #72 (June, 1943).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Spider Widow is the secret identity of Dianne Grayton, a bored and wealthy athlete who decides to fight crime and foreign saboteurs after discovering she has the ability to control deadly black widow spiders. She disguises herself in a costume very similar to a stereotypical Hallowe'en witch, wearing a green-faced old crone mask, a floppy black hat, and a long black dress.

In Feature Comics #60, Nazi agents set a trap for Spider Widow by posting an advertisement in the newspaper that requests her assistance, and then knock her out when she shows up. She is rescued from a boat bound for Germany by the bird-costumed Raven on his first heroic outing, and the two reveal a hidden U-boat to the U.S. Navy. She becomes romantically involved with the Raven (who is later revealed to be Tony Grey); however, neither initially knows what the other looks like without their mask on because they shared their first kiss in the dark. The two later team up with Phantom Lady in a multi-part crossover that spanned between Feature Comics #69-71 and Police Comics #20-22. Though Spider Widow initially worries that Phantom Lady is a potential rival for the Raven's affections, they nevertheless became allies.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Spider Widow has the ability to psychically control black widow spiders. The reason for her gaining this power is never explained. She is also a trained athlete.

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