Spiders 3D

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Spiders 3D
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Tibor Takács
Produced by Boaz Davidson
Israel Ringel
Written by Joseph Farrugia
Tibor Takács
Boaz Davidson
Dustin Warburton
Starring Patrick Muldoon
Christa Campbell
William Hope
Music by Joseph Conlan
Edited by Joseph Plenys
Release dates
  • February 8, 2013 (2013-02-08)
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $7 million

Spiders (or as from the poster Spiders in 3D) is a 3D thriller science-fiction film directed by Tibor Takács.[1][2] The film was released on February 8, 2013.


A debris from the destroyed space station (where large mutant spiders were being experimented) fell into Earth, crashing in the tunnel of a subway station. The film cuts to a subway station in New York, where Jason works. When the debris from the space station crashes into the tunnel, the alarm goes off and they begin evacuating passengers. Jimmy goes to investigate where the tunnel was hit. Jimmy says it is space debris, the news castor on the tv that mason is watching reports it is a satellite. As Jason and Jimmy argue, jimmy is electrocuted by the third rail and dies. When Jason hears about this from Rachel, his ex-wife who is with the New York City Dept of Health, he says Jimmy has "way too much experience" and his death "doesn't add up". Men in hazmat suits investigate for radioactive material, they show the chunk of debris to a Russian doctor who says it is "nothing to worry about" they clear it and all authorities say it is safe to reopen the subway, except for Rachel, saying there are "waste disposal issues". One man says they'll do their best to fix it by rush hour. The debris is said to be from the soviet union.

Jason and Rachel's 12-year-old daughter is having a birthday dinner. Rachel is there, but Jason sends her a text saying he wont be able to make the dinner. At Jimmy's autopsy, they find insect eggs in his body, and the bite on his leg. Jason takes a sample of the eggs to Rachel at her house where he sees his daughter. Rachel is unhappy that he missed the dinner. His daughter forgives him when he gives her an iPod. Back at the subway station, rats have infested the tunnels. The smell has gotten so bad that the subways were shut back down. Pest control is brought down to the source of the problem, an abandoned subway cart. Near it they find several bodies covered in webs filled with eggs. One of the men this then attacked by hundreds of spiders, which swarm his body. They quarantine the area, reroute the subways to go around it, and jam phone service in the area. They tell the public that there is a "virus outbreak". Men in hazmat suits capture the spiders and put them in a large cage. Back at the morgue, a doctor examines Jimmy's body and the eggs. The doctor explains threat the queen egg is always implanted in the first host, which was Jimmy. The doctor says they need the queen egg because it is the only one that can produce the quality of webbing they need. And if they do not get the queen egg to the nest the spiders are building to protect her in 12 hours, she will die.

Investigators see Rachel's report on the eggs found in the bodies and quarantine her apartment with her daughter inside, saying she is "infected". They try to quarantine Jason as well, but he escapes. When tests are done on the eggs Jason brought to Rachel, it is found that they have no bacteria on them. Which is unusual because "everything on earth has bacteria."

As Rachel is leaving the lab, two people in hoodies approach her car, one points a gun at her, the other breaks the passenger side window and takes her purse, which contains the eggs. She struggles with the second person, accidentally shooting the first with his gun. She drives off in a panic. She calls Jason, who tells her to leave her car, and she does so even though she is in the middle of traffic. Jason then call his friend Pete, who collapses. The authorities realize the spiders are growing very rapidly. The Russian doctor says they are growing much faster on earth than they ever did on the space station. He so thanks the authorities for getting the queen egg safely to the nest.

The doctor explains the 20 years ago they discovered a space craft under the ice. They took the genes from the aliens found in the craft, and injected it into many different creatures, but spiders were the only ones with the structure to survive. The queen spider can weave an infinite supply of lightweight, bulletproof material that will give the nation the controls it military and industrial advantage. The authority tells his men to kill off the people they quarantined. The doctor tells him to let the people go. The authority leaves.

Back at the lab, a doctor shoots and kills several people. Jason and Rachel find each other, and Jason tells Rachel Emily is quarantined in Rachel's apartment. A van follows them. The two notice everyone looking at them, then they see their faces on a digital billboard, saying they are infected with the virus. Jason insists to all the strangers that they are fine and the government is lying. They hide in the subway tunnels, heading towards the apartment.

In the apartment, Emily says she has an idea and starts moving boxes around in a closet, which is covering up a window that leads to the fire escape. In the tunnels, Jason and Rachel run into the ever-growing spiders. They escape through a door leading to the streets. The authority realizes the spiders are now starting to get into the streets, now that their queen is hatched.

Jason and Rachel are chased by a spider, which is now bigger than a human. They try to run up the fire escape to a building, but the spider climbs up the walls and snags jason with its webbing. They cut the webbing and barricade the window, but the spider quickly moves the blockage. The two find themselves in a storage warehouse, where a spider backs Rachel into a large web, trapping her. Jason saves her by ramming the spider with a forklift. Another spider attacks them by jumping on the forklift. Jason drives it through the walls out of the building and into a fire hydrant. Outside now, they see the authorities fighting off the spiders unsuccessfully. They get inside the apartment building where Emily is being kept. Two officers try to stop them, but they get away when a spider appears and kill one of the officers. They decide to climb up the back stairs. The authority move out to capture the queen to acquire her webbing. The Russian Doctor advises him not to, as she is still dependent on the other spiders. The authority ignores him. In the apartment building, the couple confronts an officer, who they inform that there is no virus. He tells them Emily is okay. The other officers then catch the couple. The officer they met tells Emily that he will leave the door unlocked. They are to wait ten minutes, exit, then lock the door on their way out.

The couple is taken to the street where the authorities are fighting the spiders. They are overwhelmed, as all they can do is shoot at the spiders. A spider enters the apartment where Emily was waiting for the ten minutes to pass, but they leave to escape the spider. Back on the streets, with all the officers dead, the Russian doctor lets the couple out of the car they were locked in. Just then, the queen emerges from the ground and eats the doctor, who was in awe of her beauty.

More officers show up to shoot the spider more, they corner the spider. The couple sees the apartment blow up and wonder if their daughter is dead or not. They refuse to evacuate when told to do so.

Emily texts Jason telling him she is hiding in a toy store. While they move to get her, she spots a spider and hides before it sees her. She sends a robot dog out to distract it while she walks by. Once she has escaped, the queen spider accidentally steps through the toy store window, breaking through the floor, trapping Emily in the basement. Through the basement, Emily makes her way to the subway tunnels, where a spider traps her in webbing.

Jason and Rachel make it to the toy store. When they don't find Emily, Jason calls her but receives no answer. They hear her yelling and climb down to the tunnels to find her. They run into more spiders along the way and barricade a door to escape them. They find Emily and begin tearing at the webbing. They climb up a ladder that leads to the streets but Jason stays behind to fight off the queen who is coming for them. Jason begins breaking the eggs along the wals, which angers the queen. It chases him into a subway train, which it cant fit in due to its size. Jason finds the trains controls and drives it into a tunnel where the spider wont fit. He exits the train after sending it backwards through the tunnel, where the spider is waiting at the opening. The train crashes into the spider killing it. But as the final scene slowly fades, another mutant spider is seen, and the film ends.



Filming took place in Bulgaria and director Takács had to create the city of Manhattan "on a studio backlot that includes several blocks of what looks like Greenwich Village".[3] In order to make some parts of the film more closely resemble Manhattan, particularly the subway scenes, the director brought in some extra set pieces to help enhance the scenes.[4] The spiders were predominantly CGI created, but Takács used a 3-foot-long soldier-spider claw for some shots.[3][5]


The film was panned by critics and the movie holds a rating of 14% "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 7 reviews.[6] Fearnet gave Spiders an overly negative review, but said that the movie would have some appeal to fans of films akin to Spiders.[7]


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