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Abzweig Queich -Spiegelbach.JPG
Spiegelbach splits away from Quiech north of Ottersheim
Country Germany
Main source Weir splitting Spiegelbach off of Queich, north of Ottersheim
122 m (400 ft)
49°12′33.26″N 8°14′13.19″E / 49.2092389°N 8.2369972°E / 49.2092389; 8.2369972
River mouth Confluence with Rhine, southwest of Sondernheim,
100 m (330 ft)
49°11′6.25″N 8°20′43.76″E / 49.1850694°N 8.3454889°E / 49.1850694; 8.3454889Coordinates: 49°11′6.25″N 8°20′43.76″E / 49.1850694°N 8.3454889°E / 49.1850694; 8.3454889
Progression RhineNorth Sea
River system Rhine
Basin size 54.592 km2 (21.078 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 9.2 km (5.7 mi)

The Spiegelbach is a river in the southern Palatinate. It arises as a diversion of the Queich, which rises in the Palatinate forest, and thus has no separate source. It flows into the Rhine at Sondernheim.

After a devastating flood in 1745, in which the mills on the Altbach and Brühlgraben were flooded, it was decided to create a diversion from the Queich towards Bellheim, in order to provide the newly built mills with a steady supply of water. From the weir on the boundary of the districts Ottersheim and Knittelsheim, the Spiegelbach flows 9.2 kilometres (5.7 mi) before reaching the Old Rhine at Sondernheim.