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A spigot ("tap" or "faucet") is a valve for controlling the release of a gas or liquid.

Spigot may also refer to:

  • Spigot, the male end of a pipe designed to be connected with a spigot and socket joint such as an elastomeric sealing ring joint, and the male component of such a joint.
  • Spigot algorithm, an algorithm used to compute the value of a mathematical constant
  • Spigot mortar, an artillery weapon
  • AT-4 Spigot, a Russian anti-tank missile
  • Spigot, an individual projecting microscopic tube in a spider's spinneret
  • "Spigot", the nickname of cartoonist Tristan A. Farnon
  • Spigot Inc - an international digital marketing company.
  • Spigot, an optimized version of CraftBukkit, a modified Minecraft server with increased performance and support for user-made plugins.
  • A cylindrical projection, concentric with the shaft, on the face of a face-mounted motor which engages a matching hole in the mounting surface to precisely center the motor in the assembly.