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Spike was a British comics anthology that ran from (issues dates) 22 January 1983 to 28 April 1984. 67 Issues. Published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd, it was a traditional 'action comic for boys', with many of its strips revolving around football.

Its strips included:

  • Spike himself
  • Iron Barr, an incredibly talented working class amateur goalkeeper (similar in concept to Tough of the Track)
  • The Man In Black, a story revolving around the fictional legendary British athlete William Wilson.
  • The Bleak Street Bunch, a kind of Bash Street Kids serial although more serious and dealing with contemporary issues.
  • Midshipman Coward a tale about a sailor boy.
  • The Taming Of Johnny Tough A story about a boy who gets trained (by unorthodox methods) to be a top footballer.
  • Krazy Kops a comic strip about incompetent police officers it had appeared in Sparky under the name L Cars.

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