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Spike Lee in 2007

Spike Lee is an American film director, producer, writer, and actor, noted for his films that deal with controversial social and political issues. Lee's films are typically referred to as "Spike Lee Joints" and the closing credits always end with the phrases "By Any Means Necessary", "Ya Dig" and "Sho Nuff".[1]

Lee received a Master of Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, which culminated in his thesis film Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads, the first student film to be showcased in Lincoln Center's New Directors/New Films Festival.[2] Lee's first feature-film She's Gotta Have It was released three years later in 1986. Lee directed, produced, wrote, and acted in his first three feature-films: She's Gotta Have It, School Daze, and Do the Right Thing. Lee has starred or acted in many of his own films, including the role of Mars Blackmon, which he reprised for a series of Nike commercials that also starred Michael Jordan.[3]

In addition to his feature-film credits, Lee has directed a number of music videos by artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker and Eminem. He has also directed music videos for songs featured in films he has directed, including "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy, which was featured heavily in the 1989 film Do the Right Thing.[4]


Year Film Credited as
Director Writer Producer Actor Role
1979 Last Hustle in Brooklyn (short film) Yes Yes
1980 The Answer (short film) Yes Yes
1981 Sarah (short film) Yes Yes
1983 Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads Yes Yes Yes
1986 She's Gotta Have It Yes Yes Yes Yes Mars Blackmon
1988 School Daze Yes Yes Yes Yes Half-Pint
1989 Do the Right Thing Yes Yes Yes Yes Mookie
1990 Mo' Better Blues Yes Yes Yes Yes Giant
Lonely in America Yes Himself
1991 Jungle Fever Yes Yes Yes Yes Cyrus
1992 Malcolm X Yes Yes Yes Yes Shorty
1994 Crooklyn Yes Yes Yes Yes Snuffy
Drop Squad Yes Yes Himself
1995 Clockers Yes Yes Yes Yes Chucky
Lumière and Company (segment) Yes Yes Himself
New Jersey Drive Executive producer
Tales from the Hood Yes
1996 Girl 6 Yes Yes Yes Jimmy
Get on the Bus Yes Yes
1997 4 Little Girls (documentary) Yes Yes
1998 He Got Game Yes Yes Yes
1999 Summer of Sam Yes Yes Yes Yes John Jeffries
The Best Man Yes
2000 The Original Kings of Comedy (documentary) Yes Yes
Bamboozled Yes Yes Yes
Afrocentricity Executive producer
Lisa Picard Is Famous Yes Himself
Love & Basketball Yes
2001 3 A.M. Yes Yes Filmmaker
Come Rain or Come Shine (short film) Yes
2002 25th Hour Yes Yes
Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet (segment: "We Wuz Robbed") Yes Yes
2003 Good Fences Executive producer
2004 She Hate Me Yes Yes Yes
2005 Dream Street Yes
All the Invisible Children (segment: "Jesus Children of America") Yes Yes
2006 Inside Man Yes
2008 Miracle at St. Anna Yes Yes
Passing Strange (Broadway show) Yes Yes
2009 Saint John of Las Vegas Yes
2011 You're Nobody 'til Somebody Kills You Yes
Pariah Executive producer
2012 Red Hook Summer Yes Yes Yes Yes Mookie
Bad 25 (documentary) Yes Yes
2013 Oldboy Yes Yes
2014 Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Yes Yes Yes
Evolution of a Criminal Executive producer
Manos Sucias Executive producer
2015 Cronies Executive producer
The Girl Is in Trouble Executive producer
Chi-Raq Yes Yes Yes
2016 Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall (documentary) Yes Yes
2 Fists Up (documentary)[5] Yes
2017 Rodney King (stand-up special) Yes Yes
Brave: Visions for Moncler (short film) Yes
2018 Pass Over Yes Yes
BlacKkKlansman Yes Yes Yes


Year Title Credited as
Director Writer Producer Actor Role
1986 Saturday Night Live Yes Mars Blackmon
1990 Spike Lee & Company: Do It a Cappella (documentary) Yes
1992 Ghostwriter (episode: "Into the Comics: Part 1") Yes Special Agent Pete
1998 Freak (stage show) Yes
1999 Pavarotti and Friends for the Guatemala and Kosovo (documentary) Yes
2001 A Huey P. Newton Story (stage show) Yes
2002 Jim Brown: All-American (documentary) Yes Yes
2004 Sucker Free City Yes Yes
2005 Miracle's Boys (episodes: "New Charlie" and "Bond of Brothers") Yes
2006 When The Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (documentary) Yes Yes
Shark (pilot) Yes
2009 Kobe Doin' Work (documentary) Yes Yes
2010 If God Is Willing and da Creek Don't Rise (documentary) Yes Yes
2011 Da Brick (unaired pilot) Yes Yes
2013 Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth (stage show) Yes Yes
2014 Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife (stand-up special) Yes Executive producer
Jerrod Carmichael: Love at the Store (stand-up special) Yes
2017–present She's Gotta Have It Yes Yes Executive producer Yes Joe the bartender

Music videos[edit]

Year Artist Song Album
1983 Grandmaster Flash
and Melle Mel
"White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)"
1987 Anita Baker "No One in the World" Rapture
1988 E.U. "Da Butt" School Daze OST
1989 Public Enemy "Fight the Power" Do the Right Thing OST
and Fear of a Black Planet
1991 Fishbone "Sunless Saturday" The Reality of My Surroundings
State of Art "Understanding" Community
1992 State of Art "Laughing at the Years" Community
Prince and the New Power Generation "Money Don't Matter 2 Night" Diamonds and Pearls
Arrested Development "Revolution"[6] Malcolm X OST
1993 Naughty by Nature "Hip Hop Hooray" 19 Naughty III
Eros Ramazzotti "Cose della vita" Tutte storie
Bruce Hornsby "Talk Of The Town" Harbor Lights
1994 Buckshot LeFonque "Breakfast at Denny's" Buckshot LeFonque
1996 Michael Jackson "They Don't Care About Us" (Prison Version) HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
Michael Jackson "They Don't Care About Us" (Brazil/Olodum Version) HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
2000 Mau Maus "Blak Iz Blak" Bamboozled
2009 Michael Jackson "This Is It" This Is It
2014 Eminem "Headlights" The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Video game[edit]

Year Film Credited as
Director Writer Producer
2015 NBA 2K16 Yes Yes Executive producer



Actor Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads (1983) She's Gotta Have It (1986) School Daze (1988) Do the Right Thing (1989) Mo' Better Blues (1990) Jungle Fever (1991) Malcolm X (1992) Crooklyn (1994) Clockers (1995) Girl 6 (1996) Get on the Bus (1996) He Got Game (1998) Summer of Sam (1999) Bamboozled (2000) 25th Hour (2002) She Hate Me (2004) Inside Man (2006) Miracle at St. Anna (2008) Red Hook Summer (2012) Old Boy (2013) Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014) Chi-Raq (2015) BlacKkKlansman (2018)
Rick Aiello ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Lemon Andersen ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Mamie Louis Anderson ☑Y ☑Y
Ashlie Atkinson ☑Y ☑Y
Michael Badalucco ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Angela Bassett ☑Y ☑Y
Susan Batson ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Richard Belzer ☑Y ☑Y
Graham Brown ☑Y ☑Y
Jim Brown ☑Y ☑Y
Robert John Burke ☑Y ☑Y
Thomas Jefferson Byrd ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Victor Colicchio ☑Y ☑Y
Ossie Davis ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Rosario Dawson ☑Y ☑Y
Ruby Dee ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Michael Devine ☑Y ☑Y
Kim Director ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Doug E. Doug ☑Y ☑Y
Erik Dellums ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Chiwetel Ejiofor ☑Y ☑Y
Giancarlo Esposito ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Jennifer Esposito ☑Y ☑Y
Tyra Ferrell ☑Y ☑Y
Frances Foster ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Peter Frechette ☑Y ☑Y
Leland Gantt ☑Y ☑Y
Hill Harper ☑Y ☑Y
Robin Harris ☑Y ☑Y
Zelda Harris ☑Y ☑Y
Tommy Redmond Hicks ☑Y ☑Y
Michael Imperioli ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Samantha Ivers ☑Y ☑Y
Samuel L. Jackson ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Rodney "Bear" Jackson ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Tracy Camilla Johns ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Lonette McKee ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Brendan Kelly ☑Y ☑Y
David Patrick Kelly ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Cinque Lee ☑Y ☑Y
Joie Lee ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
John Leguizamo ☑Y ☑Y
Harry Lennix ☑Y ☑Y
Delroy Lindo ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Branford Marsalis ☑Y ☑Y
Debi Mazar ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
J. C. MacKenzie ☑Y ☑Y
Coati Mundi ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Charlie Murphy ☑Y ☑Y
Arthur Nascarella ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Elvis Nolasco ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Bill Nunn ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Al Palagonia ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Paula Jai Parker ☑Y ☑Y
Erik Payne ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Dina Pearlman ☑Y ☑Y
Wendell Pierce ☑Y ☑Y
Christopher Plummer ☑Y ☑Y
Theresa Randle ☑Y ☑Y
James Ransone ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Monty Ross ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Miguel Sandoval ☑Y ☑Y
John Savage ☑Y ☑Y
Joe Seneca ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Al Sharpton ☑Y ☑Y
Wesley Snipes ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Roger Guenveur Smith ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Mike Starr ☑Y ☑Y
D. B. Sweeney ☑Y ☑Y
Joseph Lyle Taylor ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Leonard L. Thomas ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
John Turturro ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Nicholas Turturro ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Nelson Vasquez ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Frank Vincent ☑Y ☑Y
John Wallace ☑Y ☑Y
Denzel Washington ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Isaiah Washington ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Veronica Webb ☑Y ☑Y
Steve White ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Isiah Whitlock Jr. ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y
Christopher Wynkoop ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y ☑Y


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