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Spin or spinning may refer to:

Physics and mathematics[edit]

  • Rotation or spin, a movement of an object in a circular motion
  • Spin (physics) or particle spin, a fundamental property of elementary particles
  • Spin group, in mathematics, a particular double cover of the special orthogonal group SO(n)
  • Spin tensor, a tensor quantity for describing spinning motion in special relativity and general relativity,
  • Spin (aerodynamics), autorotation of an aerodynamically stalled aeroplane



Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]




Groups and labels[edit]




Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Brands and enterprises[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Wheelspin, spinning the wheels of a vehicle in place
  • Spin (propaganda), a heavily biased portrayal of an event or situation
  • Article spinning, the SEO (search engine optimization) approach of using equivalent phrases to rewrite articles
  • Spins, a state of dizziness and disorientation due to intoxication ("the spins")
  • Busy spin, a technique in which a process continually checks whether or not a condition is true
  • Pen spinning, the art of spinning pens using one's fingers
  • Road agent's spin or "Curly Bill spin", a gunfighting maneuver utilized as a ruse when forced to surrender a side arm to an unfriendly party
  • Spinning (IPO), a form of financial bribery used by brokerages to gain corporate business
  • Social Phobia Inventory or SPIN, a psychological test of social anxiety disorder
  • SPIN bibliographic database, an indexing and abstracting service focusing on physics research

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