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Spin Aqua were a short-lived indies musical project between the model Anna Tsuchiya and the former Oblivion Dust guitarist K.A.Z. The duo performed music together for a year and seven months; releasing music for less than a year under the indies label Ki/oon Records.


The band debuted with the single Unchained, which was followed up with Spin Aqua's first concert was held in December at the Tokyo Bay NK Hall at the Devilock '02 concert. This single was followed up five months later with Mermaid and then three months after, the single PAPER MOON. Out of these three singles, Mermaid was the only one that charted on Oricon charts (peaking at No. 197).

Following up these singles was Spin Aqua's debut album and debut DVD release, Pisces and Spin Aqua Films -1st Session. They were both released a month after the last single. The album faired similarly poorly on the charts, reaching a low position of No. 187.

The band would later slip into hiatus due to Anna Tsuchiya's pregnancy and engagement to fellow model Joshua. In mid-2004 it was announced that Spin Aqua had permanently disbanded.



  • [2003.07.16] Pisces


  • [2002.11.07] Unchained
  • [2003.03.26] Mermaid
  • [2003.06.25] Paper Moon

DVD / VHS[edit]

  • [2003.07.16] Spin Aqua Films -1st Session-

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