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Spin Khak is a village in Pabbi Tehsil of Nowshera District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is located at 33°52'0N 71°46'0E and lies 45 kilometers south of Peshawar at an altitude of 483 meters (1587 feet).[1]

The population is 19,000, the people of this village are very polite and mostly people are involve in their businesses, a small number are involved in government jobs. Mostly people are educated, eight primary school and one high school for boys now higher secondary and 7 primary schools and one high for girls are provided by the Government of Pakistan.also a post office. Three private schools. After the closing of Khattak Public School and Iqra academy Hira Science Public School is now the oldest school in spin khak.

Spin Khak is the oldest of the villages in Khattaknama (Khattak area). One tradition says that among the Khattaks stronger men stayed there while the old men women and children were sent near hill-foots of cherat which later constitute Dak Ismaeal Khell village as they were fighting against some locals most probably against Urmar. In Spin There were some Qazis hired by Mughals. The most famous Mohalla of Spin Khak is Darman Khel also known as Musa Darra some other mohallas are Gunder Khel, Rasheed Khel, Lashkar Khel, Saidan and Safi Khel.


Coordinates: 33°52′N 71°46′E / 33.867°N 71.767°E / 33.867; 71.767