Spin Move Records

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Spin Move Records
Spin Move Logo.jpg
Founded 1996
Founder Peter Barker and Marc Schrobilgen
Genre alternative rock, indie rock, Singer-songwriter, pop music
Country of origin United States
Location Santa Monica, California
Official website http://www.spinmoverecords.com/

Spin Move Records is a boutique independent record label based in Santa Monica, California and has released recordings from a variety of artists, including Ainjel Emme, Amy Kuney, Frank Bell, Jessica Sanchez, Rochelle Diamante, and Winsome Kin.

Peter Barker and Marc Schrobilgen co-founded Spin Move Records[1] in 1996. This particular label, owned by Threshold Media Corp,[2][3][4] specializes in releasing quality music from any genre. They are purveyors of compelling lyrics and memorable melodies.


The first band signed by Spin Move Records was Amy Kuney in 2005 after which she release her EP the same year.[citation needed]

In 2017, the label hired Orly Israel as their Chief Creative Officer if order to expand the label into a multimedia content platform and started producing content such as Spin Move Saturdays, Off the Record, and video tutorials.



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