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The Spin Out is a claw type[clarification needed] of amusement ride, generally known as a "Move It" ride outside of the United States. The claw has seats, and is attached to an arm. It spins 360 degrees while rotating upside-down. There is a turntable underneath the ride that turns in the opposite direction.

The ride has six rows of four seats each, 24 seats in all. The operator of the ride manually locks the seats. The manufacturers (KMG Company of Holland) have also produced several 18 seat versions as well as a larger 32 seat model which in 1996 started the trend for such machines, with the 18 and 24 seat variations following a year later.

Spin Out's Theme[edit]

One recurring theme of the Spin Out is a racing car going out of control. Other themes include El Niño (Destruction), Maelstrom at Morey's Piers, and Dragon's Claw at Adventure Island.


This type of ride is made by KMG and Tivoli Enterprises. The ride in the US is sold through Amtech, acting as a representative of Tivoli. In Europe the ride is known as Move It, which is essentially the same ride with the same technical specifications. The Spin Out requires riders to be 52 inches and taller; the Move It has the same rules.

Similar Ride[edit]

There is another, similar ride called the "Top Star Tour", with the major difference being increased capacity and that the whole hydraulic system lifts the ride completely up and over.

Carnivals/Amusement Parks that Have this Ride[edit]

  • Dragon's Claw—Adventure Island in the UK
  • The Maelstrom--Morey's Piers
  • The Claw—Power's Great American Midway
  • Spin Out at:
    • Amusements of America
    • Astro Amusements
    • Butler Amusements
    • Murphy Brothers
    • Bishop Amusement Rides (Travels with Ray Cammack Shows, as of 2008 was sold to a carnival in Mexico.)
    • Schmidt Amusements
    • Wonder Shows
    • Albion Amusements
    • West Coast Amusements
    • Shamrock Shows
    • Playland Park
    • Mr. Ed's Magical Midway
    • Wade Shows
    • Johnstons amusements-based out of elk grove ca.

Official Manufacturers Site[edit]