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Cream of spinach soup

Spinach soup is a soup prepared using spinach as a primary ingredient.[1] A common dish around the world, the soup can be prepared as a broth-based or cream-based soup, and the latter can be referred to as "cream of spinach soup."[2][3] In China, a spinach and tofu soup is also known as "emerald and white jade soup"; spinach and tofu represent emerald and white jade respectively,[4] and thus the spinach soup itself can be called "emerald soup".[5] Fresh, canned or frozen spinach can be used, and the spinach can be used whole, puréed or chopped.[1][6][7] Additional ingredients can include onion, green onion, carrot, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, seasonings, salt and pepper.[3][7][8][9] In many countries like India, people consider 'milk' to be the main ingredient in spinach soup. they call it "palak soup".[10] Spinach soup is typically served hot, but can also be served as a cold soup.[11][12] Prior to being served, it can be topped or garnished with ingredients such as sour cream and crème fraîche.[13][14]


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