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Spindle or The Spindles may refer to:


  • The Spindles, Oldham
  • The Spindles, burial towers at Amrit Syria

Textiles and manufacturing[edit]

  • Spindle (textiles), a device to spin fibers into thread
  • Spindle (tool), a rotating axis of the machine, which often has a shaft at its heart
  • Segmented spindle, a spindle consisting of discrete elements that can be assembled and disassembled on the fly
  • Spindle, a unit of measurement used by weavers and tailors, equal to 120 skeins; See Hank



  • Spindle apparatus, a cellular structure organizing and separating the chromosomes during cell division
  • Muscle spindle, a specialized innervated muscle structure involved in the reflex action and in proprioception
  • Spindle neurons are a specific class of neurons that participate in signal transmission in the nervous system
  • Sleep spindle, an EEG waveform that occurs during sleep
  • Euonymus or spindle, a genus of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and small trees


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