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Spinnin' Records
Spinnin' Records logo.svg
Founded 1999 (1999)
  • Eelko van Kooten
  • Roger de Graaf
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Hilversum, Netherlands
Official website spinninrecords.com

Spinnin' Records is a Dutch independent record label,[1] founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf.[2][3]


Van Kooten is the son of former Dutch radio DJ and businessman Willem van Kooten, and initially worked in the publishing business of his father.[4] Together with Roger de Graaf, a former employee of the specialist dance retailer Rhythm Import, van Kooten formed Spinnin' Records in 1999.[4] Initially they concentrated on the pressing of vinyl for artists.[4]

Spinnin' Records hosts 19 active sub-labels alongside their main imprint; the majority linked to a specific artist. The label provides A&R, management, publishing and (digital) marketing for artists they have under contract. The label promotes songs without naming the artists in order to 'create a buzz'.[5]







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