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Product typeindoor cycling instruction & Exercise equipment
OwnerMad Dogg Athletics
Registered as a trademark inSPINNING[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
Ambassador(s)John Baudhuin

Spinning is a brand of indoor bicycles and indoor cycling instruction classes distributed and licensed by the American health and fitness company Mad Dogg Athletics.[9] Launched in 1993, the brand has become a popular term to refer to indoor bicycles and indoor cycling fitness classes in the United States and throughout the world.[10] Based on the brand's widespread popularity, it has potentially become a generic term for indoor cycling in the Czech Republic.[11][12][13] However, in November 2018, the General Court (European Union) upheld Mad Dogg's rights and found that the brand was not a generic term.[14][15]


The Spinning indoor cycling program was developed by South African endurance bicycle racer Johnny Goldberg (known as Johnny G) in the mid-1980s after he was struck by a car while training for a race at night.[16] Goldberg's early Spinning prototypes were targeted toward endurance athletes as a substitute for outdoor bicycle training, and allowed the athlete to train year-round regardless of outdoor weather conditions.[17][18] In 1993, Goldberg and his business partner, cycling enthusiast John Baudhuin, launched the Spinning indoor cycling fitness program in Santa Monica, California through their business entity Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.[19][20] The first Spinning brand indoor cycling programs were held in Crunch gyms in New York,[10] but were only regionally popular at that time. By 1994, however, Spinning made national news on Rolling Stone Magazine’s “hot list as the ‘hot exercise’ you need to try.”[21] The Spinning program expanded in the United States and worldwide.[18] By 1996 there were more than a thousand Official Spinning Facilities spanning over 30 countries.[21]

In 2004, Johnny G retired from Mad Dogg Athletics and the Spinning brand.[19][22]

In 2015, Mad Dogg Athletics partnered with Precor, a leading provider of personalized fitness solutions, to create a brand new line of commercial Spinner bikes.[23] The partnership includes the development of three new commercial Spinner bikes along with collaborations on new products, marketing solutions and education programs in the future.[23]

Mad Dogg Athletics has trained over 200,000 instructors in its Spinning program and has reached millions of fitness enthusiasts in over 80 countries worldwide through a network of over 35,000 fitness facilities.[23][24][25]

Mad Dogg Athletics claims trademark ownership for the terms Spin, Spinner, Spinning, Spin Fitness, SPINPower, and the Spinning logo, among others.[23][26]

Possible generic term[edit]

Spinning arguably has, over time, become a generic term in the United States, and a generic term cannot function as a trademark; but Mad Dogg Athletics has registered Spinning as a trademark on the Principal Register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.[27] A registration on the Principal Register does not create ownership rights under the laws of the United States, and a registration may be challenged and removed if the challenger proves as a matter of fact that the alleged trademark has become generic.

Mad Dogg Athletics continues to defend the Spinning trademark against it being genericized and has recently expanded its focus and efforts on brand protection.[28][29]

Related products[edit]

To protect its trademark for the term Spinning, Mad Dogg Athletics commonly refers to its products and services as the "SPINNING brand," “SPINNING indoor cycling,” “SPINNING certification,” and similar terms, not just "Spinning."[30][31][32]

Manufacturing facilities are located internationally.

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