Spirit River (Wisconsin)

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Spirit River
Spirit Falls, New Year's Day 2013
Country United States
State Wisconsin
Region Price County, Lincoln County
 - left Squaw Creek (Wisconsin)
 - right Coffee Creek (Wisconsin)
Source Spirit Lake
 - location Price County, Wisconsin
 - coordinates 45°23′5″N 90°8′0″W / 45.38472°N 90.13333°W / 45.38472; -90.13333
Mouth Confluence with the Wisconsin River
 - location Bradley Township, Lincoln County, Wisconsin
 - coordinates 45°26′08″N 89°43′14″W / 45.43556°N 89.72056°W / 45.43556; -89.72056Coordinates: 45°26′08″N 89°43′14″W / 45.43556°N 89.72056°W / 45.43556; -89.72056

The Spirit River is a tributary of the Wisconsin River with headwaters in Price County and a confluence with the Wisconsin in Lincoln County just downstream from Lake Mohawksin. The source is Spirit Lake near Timms Hill. The Ojibwe name for the river was Manatokikewe Sebe (Stooping Spirit River). [1] The river flows nearly west to east. About one mile from its mouth, the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company maintains a dam which forms the Spirit River Flowage.

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