Spirit of Flight Center

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Spirit of Flight Center
LocationErie, CO
Coordinates40°00′37″N 105°03′12″W / 40.01024°N 105.05341°W / 40.01024; -105.05341Coordinates: 40°00′37″N 105°03′12″W / 40.01024°N 105.05341°W / 40.01024; -105.05341
DirectorGordon R. Page
CuratorGordon R. Page

The Spirit of Flight Center (SOF) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) museum in Erie, Colorado that is displaying limited exhibits on modern and historic aviation, from Colorado's aviation history to a Messerschmitt Bf109-F fighter from Russia. Also on display at SOF is a full size bronze statue of Amelia Earhart. SOF is located at the Erie Municipal Airport near Denver, Colorado which allows for pilots to fly to the facility.

The Spirit of Flight Center is associated with Air Assets International and exhibits aircraft and artifacts which have been recovered by Warbird Recovery. The TV series CHASING PLANES was filmed at Spirit of Flight Center and features the museum collection.


SOF was established to acquire, restore, preserve and display aviation history to honor all American veterans and aviators, to educate the general public of the significance of aviation, and to inspire future generations to participate and learn about modern and historic aviation.

In 2009, SOF placed a record setting Learjet 24D on long term loan to Redstone College of Denver to help students advance their aviation careers.

Warbird Recovery[edit]

The Spirit of Flight Center has an aircraft recovery program for international recovery and restoration of rare and historic military aircraft. In 1993, the program started by finding parts of U.S. and Japanese military aircraft in Russia which were recovered and brought to the U.S.. A book called Warbird Recovery is available that tells the story.

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