Spirit of the Forest

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Spirit of the Forest
Studio album by Korpiklaani
Released 10 November 2003
Genre Folk metal
Length 48:07
Language English, Finnish
Label Napalm
Producer Jay Bjugg
Korpiklaani chronology
Spirit of the Forest
Voice of Wilderness
(2005)Voice of Wilderness2005

Spirit of the Forest is the debut studio album by Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani. It was released in 2003 through Napalm Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jonne Järvelä, except where noted.[2]

1."Wooden Pints"3:42
2."Before the Morning Sun"4:24
3."God of Wind"3:14
4."With Trees"8:06
5."Pellonpekko" (Lemmetty)3:35
6."You Looked into My Eyes"2:14
8."Man Can Go Even Through the Grey Stone"2:22
9."Pixies Dance"2:19
10."Juokse sinä humma" ("Keep On Running, My Horse", traditional)1:11
11."Crows Bring the Spring"5:25
12."Hengettömiltä hengiltä" ("From the Spirits of the Dead")0:34
13."Shaman Drum" (lyrics by Järvelä, music by Järvelä/Lemmetty)4:57
14."Mother Earth"4:35
Total length:48:07



Guest musicians[edit]

  • Tarnanen - accordion
  • Jay Bjugg - guitars
  • Samu "Dominator" Ruotsalainen - drums


  • Jameye - engineering
  • Ozzie Rissanen - engineering
  • Tarnanen - mixing, engineering
  • Mika Jussila - mastering
  • Jay Bjugg - producer, engineering, mixing
  • Pekka Keskinen - cover art, booklet design