Spirit of the Forest (film)

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Spirit Of The Forest
Directed by David Rubin
Produced by Manolo Gómez
Written by Beatriz Iso
Starring Sean Astin
Giovanni Ribisi
Ron Perlman
Anjelica Huston
Music by Arturo B. Kress
Release date
  • September 12, 2008 (2008-09-12)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Spain
Language English

Spirit of the Forest, (Spanish: Espíritu del Bosque) is a 2008 Spanish computer-animated family film by Dygra Films and sequel to The Living Forest. The film was released in Spain on September 12, 2008.[1]


Mrs. D'Abondo wants the forest of the living trees to be cut down to make way for a highway, but Furi, Cebolo, Tigre and other animals manage to defeat her to save it.

Voice cast[edit]

The voice cast of the English speaking version includes:

Additional Voices[edit]

Nevertheless, most of the voice production for this film was recorded in London at St Anne's Court, now part of Ascent Media. English voices include talented actors such as

  • Tom Clark-Hill as Tigre, Mr. D'Abondo and Triston
  • Jo Wyatt Pearl
  • Eric Meyers
  • Laurence Bouvard as Linda
  • Martin T. Sherman as Hu-Hu and Piorno

Recording sessions were cast and directed by Xevi Fernandez, who specialises in Spanish-English-Spanish film dubbing. The cast of actors (above) were recorded in Hollywood.


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