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24Messbild40x203x28bSpirotaenia condensata Breb.jpg
Spirotaenia condensata
Scientific classification e
(unranked): Viridiplantae
Genus: Spirotaenia
Gontcharov and Melkonian, 2004

Spirotaenia is a genus of basal green algae that may be sister to the Chlorokybophyceae.[1] It was previously considered to be part of the Zygnemataceae. It is sexually conjugating, a mode of reproduction that was previously only known in the Zygnemataceae/Mesotaeniaceae, the sister groups to the land plants. This is surprising, as spirotaenia is much more basal. The conjugating process is substantially aberrant. [2][3] Spirotaenia may actually be more than one distinct lineage which may not be closely related.[4]


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