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Spital is a small suburb in the town of Chesterfield and is situated towards the east of the town. The main road here is Spital Lane. With new estates being built, businesses include the Co-op, formerly the Spital Hotel and Willbond. Spital also had a park and cemetry. Notable people from Spital include Music producer and record label owner Adam Bennett of New York Ninjas / Tokyo 54 fame.

Spital Cemetery[edit]

Spital Cemetery Chapel - from west
Spital Cemetery Chapel - from south-east

Situated three quarters of a mile from the town centre, Spital Cemetery was in 1857 the first public cemetery to be opened in Chesterfield to serve the local communities of Chesterfield and Tapton. The cemetery provides approximately 10.5 acres (4.25 hectares) of burial space. There are two entrances, both off the A632 road at Hady Hill.[1]

The lodge at the lower of the two entrances on Hady Hill is a Grade II listed building.[2]

The 19th century saw a huge cemetery building programme in response to population growth and an increase in the demands of non-Anglican denominations. The majority were laid out on a garden plan with a cemetery chapel at their heart, and these (like Spital Church and Chapel) were divided to provide Anglican and Nonconformist accommodation.

The church and chapel are Grade II listed,[3] but are no longer used for burial services. The chapel has two attractive spires, one in the form of an obelisk and the other a broach spire above the entrance porch. It is in a poor state of repair with deteriorating masonry and water penetration exacerbated by lead theft from the valleys in the roof.

In 2012, the cemetery church and chapel were featured in the annual catalogue of buildings at risk published by the conservation charity, "SAVE Britain's Heritage". Each year, this heritage group shines a spotlight on 100 or so historic buildings in need of repair throughout England and Wales. The building is owned by the council who, together with the Friends of Spital Cemetery, were keen to find a viable alternative use.[4]


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