Spitamen District

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Spitamen District
Location of Spitamen District in Tajikistan
Location of Spitamen District in Tajikistan
Country  Tajikistan
Province Sughd
Capital Nau
Population (2003)
 • Total 98,600
Time zone TJT (UTC+5)

Spitamen District is a district in north-central Sughd, Tajikistan, stretching across the province's narrow part from the border with Uzbekistan to the border with Kyrgyzstan. Population 98,600 (2003 data).[1] Formerly called Nau District (Russian: Науский район) or Nov District (Tajik: Nohiya-i Nov, Ноҳияи Нов; Persian: ناحیۀ ناو‎‎), it was renamed Spitamen district by a resolution of parliament in November 2003.[2] The district capital is Nau (Tajik: Нов, Nov), located south-west of Khujand at 40°8′59″N 69°22′12″E / 40.14972°N 69.37000°E / 40.14972; 69.37000Coordinates: 40°8′59″N 69°22′12″E / 40.14972°N 69.37000°E / 40.14972; 69.37000.

The district is named after Spitamen who led the Sogdians in a revolt against the forces of Alexander the Great in 329-328 BCE.[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district is divided administratively into jamoats. They are as follows (and population).[4]

Jamoats of Spitamen District
Jamoat Population
Kurkat 21702
Qushtegirmon 6442
Nau 12910
Oqteppa 13879
Taghoyak 12047
Farmonqurghon 6246
Shahraki Nov 23578


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