Spittals Interchange

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Spittals Interchange is the name of the roundabout on the junction between the A14 and A141 north of Huntingdon, England.

The junction is unusual in that three arms of this four-way junction are numbered A14. The "extra" A14 route exits to the north and is a four-mile spur that joins the northbound A1. The north-east A14 passes under the roundabout, but the west-east A14 traffic, which is the majority, has to enter the roundabout.

Traffic lights were added in 2006[1] to attempt to reduce the number of accidents and improve the traffic flow.


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Coordinates: 52°20′24″N 0°12′31″W / 52.3401°N 0.2087°W / 52.3401; -0.2087