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Splash Brannigan is a fictional humorous superhero. He was created by Alan Moore and Hilary Barta. His first appearance is Issue #6 (February 2000) of the anthology series Tomorrow Stories from America's Best Comics, a title he would continue to appear in on a semi-regular basis.

He appears in the America's Best Comics 64-Page Giant in a story drawn by Kyle Baker and as a member of America's Best and appears alongside them in the final story arcs of Promethea and Tom Strong. During this crossover it appears that he may have died, though his ultimate fate is uncertain.

Splash is a being of living 4-dimensional ink (he leaves marks on everything he touches) who is renowned for his bombastic personality and ludicrous proclamations of his aptitude as a hero. As he is made of ink, he can become any shape. He is apparently immortal, with long periods spent in hibernation in his ink-pot. He invariably has a female companion who has changed over the years of his life. He lives in the fictional city of Coffeeburg where he is accompanied by Ms. Daisy Screensaver, a comic book artist for the curmudgeonly publisher Sydney J. Kaput.


In the ABC's 64-Page Giant, Splash battles Bunko the Dog (a parody of Bimbo, Betty Boop's canine boyfriend), a 1930s cartoon character who is brought to life in a movie theatre. Accused of plagiarism, Splash is nearly defeated until he tells Bunko what he is doing is in fact a tribute. As he and his companion leave the theatre, they encounter what appears to be DC Comic's Plastic Man. This story has Moore acknowledging the inspirations behind Splash, as well as displaying self-deprecating humour (such as that he is in fact merely copying earlier works).

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