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Splash Works
View from the top of Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland).jpg
Splash Works from atop Behemoth
Location Canada's Wonderland, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°50′23″N 79°32′39″W / 43.83972°N 79.54417°W / 43.83972; -79.54417Coordinates: 43°50′23″N 79°32′39″W / 43.83972°N 79.54417°W / 43.83972; -79.54417
Owner Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Opened 1992
Operating season June — September
Area 20 acres (81,000 m2)
Pools 2 pools
Water slides 16 water slides
Website Official website

Splash Works is a 20-acre (81,000 m2) water park located within the park boundaries of Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Entry is free with park admission. Splash Works is home to "Whitewater Bay", the largest outdoor wave pool in Canada,[1][2] and is today home to 16 waterslides.[1] Splash Works operates during the summer months of June through September.


First expansion: 1992[edit]

The water park opened in 1992 with 10 acres (40,000 m2) and it cost the company $6 million CAD.[3] It opened with four combo water slides: Body Blast, Whirl Winds, Pipeline and Drop Zone (later renamed Wipeout). It also included a lazy river and a kids area, Scooby Splash Islands, with some kiddie slides and a wading pool.

Second expansion: 1996[edit]

The year 1996 was the single largest expansion of the water park since its opening in 1992. It saw Splash Works expand to 20 acres (81,000 m2)[4] through an expansion south of the Mighty Canadian Minebuster, so much so, some of the track had to be reconfigured so a bridge could be built over it. It essentially created a south side to the water park. The 1996 expansion saw the creation of White Water Bay, which is still the largest outdoor wavepool in Canada, along with the Black Hole waterslides and Pump House, an interactive spray ground.

Third expansion: 1999[edit]

The year 1999 was the third expansion of Splash Works. It saw the creation of two new slides, Super Soaker and the Plunge. While two separate rides, they share a common loading platform tower. The 1999 expansion also saw another bridge to the south side of Splash Works (behind these two slides). In addition, these two new slides and new bridge cross over Minebuster. The Plunge is a multi-person raft straight down a slide, and the Super Soaker is twisting water slide. They both use the same tube.

Fourth expansion: 2002[edit]

The year 2002 expansion of Splash Works saw the addition of Riptide Racer and Barracuda Blaster. Barracuda Blaster is bowl ride, and Riptide Race is an eight lane water carpet slide race. Barracuda Blaster took a part of the Lazy River for exiting out of the bowl and Riptide Racer also created a new waterfall for the Lazy River. Two new kiddie slides were added to Splash Island as well as a water playground.

Fifth expansion: 2015[edit]

The latest expansion of Splash Works is planned for 2015. Canada's Wonderland announced two new additions in 2014, Typhoon and Splash Station. Typhoon, originally known as Topsy Turvey, was relocated from Ontario Place where it never opened. It features funnels and hairpin turns. Not much is known yet about Splash Station, but it will most likely be similar to splash areas at other Cedar Fair parks. The two attractions are built in the former area of Wipeout, near Body Blast.

Slides and attractions[edit]

Splash Works has removed three attractions since opening; Pipeline in 2001, Wipeout in 2004, and Body Blast in 2017

Ride Year Opened Manufacturer Description Rating[5]
Barracuda Blaster 2002 ProSlide Technology A bowl ride slide that leads into the Lazy River 5
The Black Hole 1996 ProSlide Technology Two four-story enclosed water slides 5
Lazy River 1992 Water Technology A quarter-mile lazy river 2
The Plunge 1999 ProSlide Technology The Plunge takes rafters over 50-feet of free-fall plunges. In a three-seater raft, riders will sail down a triple drop straight slide, reaching howling, gravity-pulling speeds. 5
The Pump House 1999 Specialized Component Supply Co. A children's play area 1
Riptide Racer 2002 ProSlide Technology Multi-lane racer water slide 4
Splash Island Waterways ProSlide Technology An interactive tube slide for kids and grown-ups 3
Splash Station 2015 A children's interactive play area that features two serpentine water slides, jet sprays, a large tipping bucket, and water guns. It formerly operated at Ontario Place. 1
Super Soaker 1999 ProSlide Technology Family raft water slide 5
Typhoon 2015 Proslide Technology Two partially enclosed tube slides with funnels located where Wipe Out was once located. They came from Ontario Place where they were known as Topsy Turvy. 4
Whirl Winds 1992 ProSlide Technology Two open-air water slides 3
White Water Bay 1996 Aquatic Amusements Associates Ltd. A wave pool. The largest wave pool in Canada. 3
Muskoka Plunge 2017 SplashTacular 4 water slides with a launch chamber featuring a floor that drops out from under the rider. 5

Splash Island[edit]

Splash Island is for the very youngest of children. It opened in 1992 with four slides but was expanded in 2002.

Splash Island includes:

  • Splash Island Pool
  • Splash Island Waterways
  • Splash Island Kiddie Slides
  • Splash Island Spray Ground

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