Splashtown at Darien Lake

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Splashtown at Darien Lake
Splashtown at Darien Lake logo.jpg
Location Darien, New York, United States
Owner EPR Properties
General Manager Chris Thorpe
Opened May 2010
Previous names Barracuda Bay
Operating season May through September
Website Official website

Splashtown at Darien Lake is a water park coinciding with Darien Lake Resort located in Darien, New York. It encompasses areas formerly included in the main park, but was spun off as a separate admission in 2010, with the addition of new attractions and a repaint of the Barracuda Bay slides, 'Cuda Falls as well as the removal of the changing rooms in front of Barracuda Bay. Also, the Barracuda Bay entrance was closed off making Barracuda Bay only accessible from the bridge near Hook's Lagoon. After 2010, the separate admission was omitted.

From 1990 to 2010, Barracuda Bay was the name of the central location of the water park, and encompassed multiple slides. Most of the slides were removed leaving only the 'Cuda Falls slides still operating in the complex until its last season (2012). The slide complex was demolished before the 2014 season. All water attractions are included with the price of park admission tickets.

List of attractions[edit]

Name Type Opened Status Description Ref(s)
Big Kahuna ProSlide Mammoth 2006 Operating Family sized tube slide located on the edge of Elk Lake. This was relocated from Six Flags AstroWorld.
Brain Drain ProSlide SkyBox 2015 Operating 70-foot-high waterslide that sends riders on a 38-foot-per-second free fall [1]
Cannon Ball Run ProSlide CannonBowl 2010 Operating A standard ProSlide CannonBowl slide in Swirl City.
Cascade Canyon Mat Water Slides 1982 2002 A set of four mat slides, located on the east side of Barracuda Bay. This was located where Shipwreck Falls now stands.
Crocodile Isle Wave Pool 1997 Operating A large family wave pool located past Hook's Lagoon where Adventure Land for Kids used to be.
'Cuda Falls Slide Complex 1994 2014 Four inner tube water slides (two enclosed, two open). This replaced the Rainbow Mountain slide complex on the north side of Barracuda Bay. For many years, the end slides were black and the middle slides were white. In 2010, the slides were repainted to blue, green, yellow, and teal. The area also took on the popular use of the Barracuda Bay name since most of the original complex was removed.
Floodgate Falls Water Slide 1981 2008 Cascading Lazy River on the west side of the former Barracuda Bay.
Flotation Station Lazy River 2010 Operating Basic Lazy River south of the Swirl City complex.
Hook's Lagoon Water Playground 1996 Operating Five story tall water playground with slides, and a dump bucket. This stands roughly where the Tadpole Island kiddie pool in Adventure Land for Kids was.
Hydro Force Mat Water Slides 1977 1989 The original water slides and the first slides at Darien Lake. Once located over the main lake.
Torpedo Rapids Mat Water Slides 1990 1998 This replaced Hydro Force and operated through the 1998 season.
Lazy Days Lagoon Mini Wave Pool 2010 Operating A small wave pool connected to Flotation Station.
Mister Twister ProSlide TopsyTurvy 2010 Operating A water slide that features three "Topsy-Turvy" funnels and varying grades of track located in the Swirl City complex.
Pipeline Plunge Water Slide 1990 Unknown A yellow enclosed water slide located in Barracuda Bay with a rainbow colored inside.
Rainbow Mountain Mat Water Slides 1981 1994 A set of four mat slides on the north side of the hill which was incorporated into Barracuda Bay in 1990. Replaced by 'Cuda Falls in 1994.
Riptide Run Water Slide 1990 Unknown A raft water slide located that was located in Barracuda Bay with a "wavy" look.
Ripcurl Racer Proslide Kracken Racer 2016 Operating A racing water slide with braided covered tunnels at the beginning. Replacing the former Splashtown gate entrance. [2][3]
Tadpole Island Wading pool 1991 1996 Small kids playground pool that was located in Adventure Land for Kids. Replaced by Hook's Lagoon in 1996.
Tornado ProSlide Tornado 2005 Operating Sends riders on tubes through a giant funnel. This is located behind Crocodile Isle.
Turbo Twins ProSlide PIPEline 2010 Operating Two enclosed water slides that cross over each other in Swirl City.


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