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Developer(s) Vincent Amouret (senior developer) and six others[1]
Stable release 0.3.13 / 24 December 2008 (2008-12-24)
Operating system Unix-like
Type Bootsplash
License GNU General Public License
Website alioth.debian.org/projects/splashy/

Splashy is a splash screen program for Unix-like computer operating systems (OSes), such as Linux and FreeBSD.

Splashy was designed to replace Bootsplash. Unlike Bootsplash, it runs completely in userspace and therefore doesn't require any patches to the OS kernel. It is hosted by the Alioth project, and there are deb packages of it. Splashy has been fully replaced by Plymouth, which uses Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) and KMS driver.


Splashy supports many advanced features such as TrueType2 fonts, animation, alpha channel transparency and full Linux Standards Base support. Splashy uses XML in its configuration files. There is also a utility called SplashyCreator that provides a graphical way of configuring themes.

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