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Splitska banka d.d.
Founded 1965
Headquarters Split, Croatia
Services Commercial banking
€4.49 mln (2013)[1]
Total assets €3584.56 mln (2013)[1]
Total equity €444.18 mln (2013)[1]
Owner OTP Bank Hungary (OTP Group)
Website www.splitskabanka.hr

Splitska banka is a Croatian company which is dealing with banking, from Split, Croatia. It is one of the largest banks in Croatia and it is currently owned by OTP Group.


It was established in 1965 in Split, Croatia. In April 2000 it was privatized and bought by UniCredit. In 2002 Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG on base of purchase contracts of Splitska banka initiated the merger of its subsidiary in Croatia, HVB Croatia, focused on larger businesses and private clients and clients of Splitska banka, with emphasis on the "retail" business. The new bank, known as HVB Splitska banka, had served joint customers with a unique increased product catalog.[citation needed]

On 20 April 2006 HVB Splitska banka was sold to the French group Société Générale, which prompted the bank to change its name to Société Générale - Splitska banka d.d..[citation needed] On May 2, 2017, OTP banka Hrvatska acquired 100% ownership of Splitska banka.[2]

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