Splityard Creek Dam

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Splityard Creek Dam
Splityard Creek Dam.JPG
Splityard Creek Dam is located in Queensland
Splityard Creek Dam
Location of the Splityard Creek Dam
in Queensland
Country Australia
Location South East Queensland
Coordinates 27°22′16″S 152°38′13″E / 27.37111°S 152.63694°E / -27.37111; 152.63694Coordinates: 27°22′16″S 152°38′13″E / 27.37111°S 152.63694°E / -27.37111; 152.63694
Purpose Hydroelectricity[1]
Status Operational
Construction began 1977 (1977)
Opening date 1980 (1980)
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment dam
Impounds Pryde Creek
Height 76 m (249 ft)[1]
Length 1,140 m (3,740 ft)[1]
Dam volume 69×10^3 m3 (2.4×10^6 cu ft)[1]
Spillway type Uncontrolled
Spillway capacity 570 m3/s (20,000 cu ft/s)[1]
Total capacity 28,700 ML (6,300×10^6 imp gal; 7,600×10^6 US gal)[1]
Catchment area 3.8 km2 (1.5 sq mi)[1]
Surface area 105 ha (260 acres)[1]
Maximum width 294 m (965 ft)
Wivenhoe Power Station
Operator(s) CS Energy
Commission date 1984 (1984)
Type Pumped-storage
Turbines 2
Installed capacity 500 megawatts (670,000 hp)
Wivenhoe Power Station

The Splityard Creek Dam is a rock and earth-fill embankment dam with an un-gated spillway across the Pryde Creek that is located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The sole purpose of the dam are for the generation of hydroelectricity.[1] The impounded reservoir is called the Splityard Creek Reservoir.

Location and features[edit]

The dam is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Ipswich in the Somerset Region and forms the upper reservoir for the Wivenhoe Power Station.

Construction commenced in 1977 and was completed in 1980 by contractors Thiess Brothers and John Holland. The rock and earthfill dam structure is 76 metres (249 ft) high and 1,140 metres (3,740 ft) long. The 3,371-thousand-cubic-metre (119.0×10^6 cu ft) dam wall holds back the 28,600-megalitre (6,300×10^6 imp gal; 7,600×10^6 US gal) reservoir when at full capacity. From a catchment area of 3.8 square kilometres (1.5 sq mi), the dam creates an unnamed reservoir, with a surface area of 102 hectares (250 acres). The uncontrolled un-gated spillway has a discharge capacity of 570 cubic metres per second (20,000 cu ft/s).[1] Initially managed by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, management of the dam was transferred to Seqwater in July 2008.

Power station[edit]

Owned and operated by CS Energy, Wivenhoe Power Station is located on the eastern side of Wivenhoe Dam, north west of Brisbane. The station, which began commercial operation in 1984, was Queensland’s first pumped-storage hydro-electric plant. It is operated remotely from an operating centre used to manage the Queensland electricity grid.[2]

The dam's water capacity is enough for the power station to run at full load for approximately ten hours. Using both pumps, this water can be replaced in about 14 hours. The pumped storage power station consists of two circular concrete silos, each of about 32 metres (105 ft) internal diameter. Each of the silos houses a 250 megawatts (340,000 hp) turbine generator and pump set, giving a total capacity of 500 megawatts (670,000 hp).[2]


Public access including swimming is banned from the dam due to strong currents and submerged hazards.

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