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Splosh! was originally a British fetish magazine devoted to wet and messy fetishism. It featured pictures of, and stories about, men and women in wet and messy situations. First published in 1989, it was run by Clive Harris under the pseudonym "Bill Shipton". Splosh also evolved into a wet and messy fetish video production house, releasing a whole string of movies, originally on VHS tape, then DVD and eventually, via Internet download stores.

The magazine ended after 40 issues, and is widely regarded as the quintessential publication on the fetish, even giving rise to the eponymous term sploshing.

Following the end of the print magazine run, the Splosh website and its associated forum rose to prominence as a counterbalance to the scene's dominant forum, the UMD. Several of the magazine's former models took part in video sketches released as digital downloads, such as Samantha-Jane Homden, Anne-Marie Dixon and Decadent Doll.

The success of Splosh! as a magazine was featured in Episode 4 of Season 1 of the Channel 5 TV show UK Raw in 2001.

Splosh! founder Clive Harris died suddenly on 12 July 2013.[1] Subsequently, in early 2014, the splosh.co.uk website was shut down, and on 31 March 2014 the three Splosh download stores hosted on the Vidown system, Sposh, Splosh Greatest Hits, and Splosh Messy Princess, were all shut down. It is believed that the website closures are permanent.

Sploshing as a fetish is served by a number of websites including Splosh Dating.

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