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Spongia officinalis 001.JPG
Spongia officinalis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Demospongiae
Order: Dictyoceratida
Family: Spongiidae
Genus: Spongia
Linnaeus, 1759

Over 50, see text

Warm-temperate distribution of the genus Spongia.png
Global distribution of Spongia species

Spongia is a genus of marine sponges in the family Spongiidae, originally described by Linnaeus in 1759, containing more than 50 species.[1] Some species, including Spongia officinalis, are used as cleaning tools, but have mostly been replaced in that use by synthetic or plant material.


Spongia contains at least 50 valid species, many of which are divided into several subgenera. Most species are in the subgenus Spongia (Spongia).[1]

Subgenus Spongia


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