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Sponsume was an online multicurrency crowdfunding platform founded by French entrepreneur Gregory Vincent in 2010.[1] However, it ceased its crowdfunding services in 2014.[2]


During his time as a doctoral student at Oxford University, Vincent developed a strong interest in the works of Muhammad Yunus, a pioneering figure in the world of microfinance. Vincent recognised the potential of peer-to-peer microfinance as an alternative method for funding innovative ideas.[3] In 2009, the financial crisis and subsequent cuts to subsidies in the UK arts scene highlighted the need for a community-led approach to fundraising for artists and innovators. This prompted Vincent to establish Sponsume.[4]


The site used the power of social networks and the wisdom of crowds[5] to help fund a variety of projects ranging from films[6] and documentaries,[7] to music, theatre, photography, fashion, technology, scientific[8] research, green and social enterprise. By 2012, Sponsume had helped crowd fund over 1000 campaigns.[9]

Project owners set a funding goal and a deadline for their campaigns. In return for contributions, they offered non-monetary rewards typically related to their projects.[10] The platform charged a 4% fee for campaigns that reached their funding goals, while unsuccessful campaigns incurred a 9% fee.

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