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Spookey Ruben
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Background information
Born Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Years active 1995–present
Labels TVT Records, MCA Records, EMI Records, Zomba Records, Hi-Hat Recordings, Universal Records, Quattro Label
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Spookey Ruben (born Alan Deil) is a Canadian musician, producer, songwriter, composer, and filmmaker. Best known for his song and music video "These Days Are old", Dell's songwriting and eccentric production techniques often contrast high and low vocals, analogue keyboards, found sounds, sampled beats and stringed instruments such as electric and Spanish guitar.[not verified in body] Spookey has released seven full-length solo albums.

Early life[edit]

Due to his father's work as an ESA space engineer Spookey grew up in Germany, the Netherlands, and Washington, D.C. In his childhood, Spookey's parents insisted he take up an instrument and so he chose classical guitar. At age 13 he got his hands on his first electric guitar and spent the remainder of his teenage years playing in an array of hardcore and speed metal bands[3] (most notably Transilience). It was at this time that he received his nickname "Spooky", a result of his high-school friends teasing him about his appearance with his long hair and Satanic T-shirts. At age 19 he moved to Toronto and enrolled in film school at York University, but kept musical ideas rolling on a four-track recorder.[4]

Recording artist[edit]

Spookey's home recording experiments led to the making of his solo debut album Modes of Transportation Vol. 1 (TVT Records) which was partially engineered and mixed by Gadi Foltys, Don Kerr, Brad Nelson and Mark Plati[5] (David Bowie). International critical acclaim followed, hailing the album as the "Pet Sounds of the 90s" and "lo-fi pop masterpiece". In 1996, Ruben contributed to the AIDS benefit album Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip produced by the Red Hot Organization. Disputes with TVT resulted in his leaving the label and years of apparent silence.[4] Eventually, Ruben simultaneously released two separate CDs entitled Bed and Breakfast (Hi-Hat/Zomba) that were later repackaged as a double album. Alone at the Zoo, co-produced by John McEntire of Tortoise/The Sea and Cake was released as a special limited album of demos in 2003. On June 16, 2009 his full-length album, Mechanical Royalty, was released in Canada on Hi-Hat/Sonic Unyon. He has since released a new EP, Shackleton and is playing live dates in North America and Europe.


In 2008, Spookey Ruben began filming a series of short films (Spookey Ruben's Dizzy Playground) for Exclaim! and AUX Television. There have been seven episodes, which include musicians from various bands.[6]





  • ""These days are old" (1995)
  • "Running Away" (1995)
  • "Wendy Mcdonald" (1996)
  • "Brand New Game" (2002)
  • "Shauna" (2003)
  • "Glenn Take Care" (2003)
  • "Are There Any People You Don't Love?" (2006)
  • "Superpoke" (2009)


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