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Title Card for Spooney Melodies

Spooney[1] Melodies was a series of live action musical shorts produced Warner Brothers aimed to showcase popular tunes of the day.

Only five are believed to have been made in 1930 and 1931.[2] The only one short is known to have survived,[citation needed] each short is thought to be ca. six minutes long and features art deco style animations combined with film of the live-action performer. For its time those shorts are considered to be innovative and could be considered to be one of the earliest music videos. This series was replaced with an animation only series called Merrie Melodies in 1931, also produced by Leon Schlesinger.[citation needed]

Spooney Melodies — 5 titles[edit]

Title Director Release date LTGC availability (all as special features) Notes
Cryin' for the Carolines Unknown 1930-12-XX LTGC Volume 1, Disc 3 (part of ToonHeads: The Lost Cartoons)
LTGC Volume 6, Disc 3
A 5-minute short featuring Milton Charles, "The Singing Organist." The only known surviving one of the 'Spooney Melodies' series.
Just a Gigolo Unknown 1931-5-XX
Say a Little Prayer for Me Unknown 1931-7-XX
When your Lover has gone Unknown 1931-9-XX
For You Unknown 1931-12-XX


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