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The cover of the first issue of Sport magazine
The cover of the first issue of Sport magazine
Publisher and editor Fergus Barrowman
Frequency Yearly
Founder Fergus Barrowman, Elizabeth Knox, Damien Wilkins, Nigel Cox
Year founded 1988
Based in Wellington, New Zealand

Sport is a New Zealand literary magazine, edited and published by Fergus Barrowman.


Sport is edited and published by Fergus Barrowman. He co-founded the magazine with Elizabeth Knox, Damien Wilkins, and Nigel Cox,[1][2][3] with support from Bill Manhire, Alan Preston and Andrew Masonin, in 1988.[2]

At various times Sport has been co-edited or guest-edited by: James Brown, Catherine Chidgey, Gregory O’Brien, Sara Knox, Lara Strongman, Andrew Johnston, and Sally-Ann Spencer.[2]

Sport has published the first works of Emily Perkins and Catherine Chidgey, as well as being an early publisher of Kate Flannery, Annamarie Jagose, Chris Orsman, Peter Wells,[4] and Eleanor Catton.

Sport was published twice a year until November 2003, and is now published annually.[2]

The magazine has been described by fellow-Victoria University of Wellington publication Salient as "A bedrock of new New Zealand fiction, essays and poetry."[5]

Controversy over Creative New Zealand defunding[edit]

In 2013, Creative New Zealand (CNZ) announced that the magazine's yearly application for funding was unsuccessful, ending CNZ's long-term support over the last 40 issues.[6] The announcement produced a quick reaction from a number of prominent New Zealand writers, such as Eleanor Catton and Emily Perkins.[7]

Fergus Barrowman said in an interview on Radio New Zealand that although he had been approached with various offers of additional funding, and people have suggested he crowdfunds the journal's operations, he is wary of adding to the yearly workload of producing the journal if it is forced to rely on non-CNZ funding.[8]

Despite the withdrawal of CNZ funding, the magazine released Sport issue 42 in March 2014.

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